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Looking to Buy Affordable and Unique Art? Try Wychwood Art Gallery

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I’m always after interesting art pieces as I’m forever perfecting my gallery walls. I made one in the living room and in the bedroom, but planning to add one to the hall too. I don’t usually mind if it’s original art or not – although I do prefer original if I can afford it. Which doesn’t have to cost the Earth but finding the right places to buy original artwork can be difficult. I also tend to buy online as I don’t have the time to browse in galleries – no matter how much I like them. Also, the art pieces available in brick-and-mortar galleries are normally limited. So, I now often look online as the collections and the number of collections tends to be larger in online galleries or galleries with online shopping. For this post, I’ve teamed up with Wychwood Art Gallery: it’s a great online gallery with carefully curated, affordable and unique art. 

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Why buy art online

Buying art online is simple and straight forward. The gallery experience can be overwhelming for first-time art buyers. The pricing can be hard to understand and you probably aren’t familiar with the artists whose work is on exhibit, so you possibly don’t know enough about art to feel comfortable making a purchase decision. But buying online offers you ALL the time you need to do your research on the artist and the price so you can make a better informed decision. 

Another reason is that you have access to many more artworks when you’re browsing online as opposed to a brick-and-mortar gallery. You can also look for other artists with similar styles or subject matter. If you’re after a certain colour scheme or size – that’s also much easier to search online.

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Introducing Wychwood Art Gallery

Wychwood Art Gallery sells contemporary art online, in their Cotswold art gallery which is based in Deddington and at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea London in March each year. Representing just over 350 contemporary artists with a diverse and careful selection of original art and limited edition prints as well as sculptures. 

At Wychwood Art Gallery they strive to bring unique and affordable art pieces to your space at high quality and good value. Prices range from as little as £25 to £7000 so everyone can find original and unique art pieces. In the online shop you can search for original art or limited-edition prints based on your budget.

They guarantee authenticity so you will be supporting the real artist behind the art pieces. They also offer a free art advisory service to ensure you find what you are looking for with the help of their in-house chief art curator. This service is available both online and in the gallery.

To make sure you are perfectly happy with what you choose they offer free returns and no obligation to buy when using art consultations service.

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What kind of art Whychwood Art Gallery offers?

At Wychwood Art Gallery, you can find wonderful contemporary art pieces from artists like Kate Boxer, Phil Greenwood, Mary McDonald, Amanda Hovarth, Rob Barnes, Clare Halifax, Nicky Chubb, Paul Bartlett, Laura Jordan, Joanne Tinker, Claire Wiltsher, Colin Moore, Scott Naismith, Lee Herring, Tammy Mackay, Lisa Takahashi, Elaine Kazimierczuk, Vicky Oldfield, Chris Levine, Richard Whadcock, Louisa Longstaff Scales and Rupert Aker.

Art as gifts

If you are looking for something for someone special, like original landscape paintings, you can definitely find a unique piece in Wychwood Art’s online shop. I’ve been enjoying browsing and putting a few pieces on my wish list – the collection is so well curated and wide with different styles and perspectives to choose from.

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