Home Life Love DIY And Home Improvements? 5 Jobs To Consider

Love DIY And Home Improvements? 5 Jobs To Consider

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
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Remodelling the home increases its value and appeal and can be pretty satisfying. With the rise of DIY home makeovers and YouTube tutorials, several homeowners have developed a passion for tackling renovations. Although this can be a fun hobby, there are several professional careers you can take on if you love DIY and home improvements. 

The home improvement industry has grown tremendously over the years. This career path entails more than just essential home improvements; it involves much more. If you spend hours trying out different DIY home improvement projects and wish to improve your skills, there are several career paths you can venture into. Here is a compiled list of some of the most popular home improvement careers that should be perfect for you.

diy electrician handy man

1. Interior Designer

This is one of the most popular career options in the home improvement industry. If you have an eye for design, becoming an interior designer is an ideal career path. An interior designer creates the home’s overall atmosphere by combining different aesthetic elements and producing appealing results. A degree in interior design can be obtained from several universities worldwide, and being a certified interior designer gives you an edge in what you do compared to the basic DIY interior designs.

2. Carpenter

Being a carpenter is a classic profession that has become quite versatile. This career path is a perfect fit if you love working with wood and building beautiful items out of it. Fortunately, a career as a carpenter isn’t just restricted to the home. You get to work on both residential and commercial sites. Plus, you can be involved in a wide range of projects, including building sets for theatres and film studios, so this is one home improvement professional that makes way for creativity.

3. A Gas Heating Engineer

This is one of the fastest-growing professions in the United Kingdom. Gas heating engineering is another aspect of home improvement that is relatively new and lucrative. According to research, the use of gas boilers is expected to be on the rise until 2035. This means the need for gas engineers will be in constant demand. Be it installing gas appliances, maintaining systems, or fitting, before you can get a gas engineer job; you need to be certified. Just like an electrician, the skills required to be a gas engineer must be learned before establishing a career in this field.

4. Plumber

Professional plumbers are some of the highest-paid individuals in the home improvement industry. However, in-depth training and a licence must be obtained before establishing a career in this profession. This is quite a handy skill, as plumbers can be hired for specific construction work and plumbing emergencies.

5. Electrician

An electrician is a technicallyfocused career in home improvement. This is another career path for home renovation DIY lovers who wish to establish a career in this field. However, to become a certified electrician, you need extensive training from a trade school or an apprenticeship. Without proper knowledge and skill in this field, you can put others at risk if the electrical issues aren’t properly fixed, so this isn’t a skill to rely on DIY.

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