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It is important, now more than ever, to be environmentally conscious and take care of the planet we inhabit. When it comes to clothing, it can often be difficult to source environmentally friendly items which not only limit the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere, but also suit your personal style. Even if you do, the clothes are typically much more expensive than those purchased on the high street (for all the right reasons!) and so for some, they become inaccessible.

So, how can you be eco-friendly while maintaining your style at an affordable price? Well, there are a couple of handy tricks and tips that you could implement to achieve just that!

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Wash your clothes less

To become more sustainable, simply reducing the amount of times you wash your clothes is extremely advantageous! Believe it or not, the processes of washing, drying, and ironing clothes contributes massively to environmental degradation. Multiple studies have shown that these procedures consume large sums of energy and so damage the natural environment the most.

So, a relatively easy way to become more environmentally ethical is by washing your clothes less; or perhaps use more environmentally methods of doing so, such as handwashing. While this may seem tedious, it will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the planet. Also, washing less often will likely make your clothes last longer, so really, it is a win-win situation.

Wear what you love, recycle, and re-use the rest

I am sure many of us face a similar dilemma- whereby we have lots of items of clothing in our wardrobes, yet simultaneously have “no clothes to wear”. Well, more likely than not, you do have clothes, but you just do not wear them. Perhaps, this is because you no longer like them, they have fallen out of fashion or you cannot match them with an outfit. Whatever the reason, clearing out your wardrobe is essential and can contribute positively to actions against climate change. How? Recycling and re-using your clothes will significantly reduce the amount of clothing that goes into landfill sites, which is just one out of the many benefits of recycling clothing.

Importantly, when shopping and buying clothes try and make sure that they will last you a long time. This means considering whether you are likely to wear the items several times or for a long time, rather than wearing them once or twice and forgetting about them.

This may involve examining the quality of the fabric, or the style in relation to your personal taste. So, buying the right clothing for you, which fits, looks good and is durable is very important. Whether you are into plus size dresses UK, joggers or jeans, make sure they are good quality to avoid unnecessary waste.

So, taking care of the environment does not require you to expend lots of energy or time. Simply being more environmentally conscious of the things around you and the actions you take, specifically about clothing, can make the world of a difference. Doing so can ensure that you not only love and take care of your style, clothes, and wardrobe, but also the environment! See, style and environment can go hand in hand!

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