Low Tox Box – Unboxing and Review


I do like the idea of subscription boxes. It’s a good way to discover new things or get your regular items delivered to you without even moving one finger. Just subscribe and receive your goodies. Most of them are based on a yearly scheme and you get a box delivered to your door every months.

When I came across Low Tox Box I thought, YES, finally someone made a subscription box designed for promoting a green, ethical and eco friendly lifestyle.

What they say:

“You will get 8 handpicked items each months, including something you can eat, something you can use and something you can pamper yourself with. Each product will be either Organic, Natural, Fairtrade, Healthy, Ethical, Eco-friendly, Cruelty-free, Vegan or a combination of all of the above.”

When my box arrived I instantly fell in love with the packaging and the handwritten note with it:

What’s in the box?

I received a bundle of goodies, which I absolutely loved! My favourite (well, the children’s favourite) was the coconut and goji berry protein balls from The Protein Ball Co. (I already ordered some of these as having an extremely picky eater is very challenging and if he actually likes something and that something is healthy and nutritious – I’ve got to get more of it.) I also found the Taking The Pea Wacky Wasabi snack really yummy. (They go very well with some Sauvignon Blanc! Just saying…) Finding a Wrag Wrap (reusable gift wrap) came very handy before Christmas and I’m absolutely loving my (full size) Pure Purpose anti-ageing face oil! It’s just what my skin needs in these cold days. It works so well with my thicker, winter moisturiser.

What I really liked about it:

• I discovered new products, which I loved and already bought some more of them – like the protein balls from The Protein Ball and Co.

• You can send it as a gift – especially, that it’s possible to purchase one box too, you don’t need to subscribe.

• All packaging is fully recyclable and the inks are non-toxic too.

Only one thing I disliked: I avoid buying drinks in plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are perfectly avoidable, this is something which could be easily changed by the manufacturer. I rather pay a little more for a glass bottle as those are easy to recycle. I would have left the Pow energy drink out of the selection – only because it’s in a plastic bottle.

I received this Low Tow Box in exchange for my honest review.

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