Luxury Thailand – A Vacation You’ll Never Forget

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When people think of South East Asia and Thailand in particular, many probably envisage themselves sat on a pristine beach sipping fresh coconut water, exploring street markets and buying cheap clothes or eating cheap street food but there is an opulent side to a Thai tourist market. In this article, I’ll try to outline some of the more luxurious options for the more discerning holidaymaker.


Of course, it is possible for anyone to tailor-make their own luxury getaway but if you’re anything like me, you might want to take advantage of the Thailand luxury tours and vacation packages offered by high end tour operators. For me, the whole point of a luxury holiday is not having to remember tickets, times, booking references and the like, I pay a bit more so the destination specialists can do that for me!

The Hotels

Forget any preconceived ideas you may have about South East Asia and the standard of accommodation. Thailand is home to many of the internationally recognised hotel chains and in many cases has better standards of luxury and service than Europe or the USA.

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Some of these top end hotels have up to 8 different restaurants, each representing a different cuisine. You want carefully selected sushi imported directly from Japan? No problem. A world class steak from Australia, Japan or Argentina? You got it. All of the restaurants usually have a number of international chefs with a stunning track record of working in the most prestigious restaurants in the world.

The bedrooms and suites are also simply stunning. With luxury bedding and furnishings and more often than not walk-in-closets and Hollywood style bathrooms these rooms are second to none and comparable to any luxurious suites or rooms anywhere in the world.

In short, the hotels in Thailand, particularly the high-end hotels, represent excellent value for money when compared to their counterparts in the USA and Europe.


Most people probably know, even if they haven’t even been to Thailand before, that Bangkok in particular, is a mecca for shopaholics. Whatever you want or need you can find it here, from market stalls on Sukhumvit road to made to measure suits, Bangkok really has the lot. What you might not be aware of is the massive selection of luxurious shopping options available.

The likes of Chanel, Hugo Boss, Versace and Prada have stores here, so if high end designer clothes are your style you will be spoilt for choice. Many of these luxurious brands are found in Bangkok, specifically in shopping malls such as Em Quartier and Emporium, both easily reached by the BTS public transportation system.



As previously mentioned, food is available everywhere and haute cuisine and fine dining options can be found in hotels and restaurants all over the city, but predominantly in the Sukhumvit, Silom and Sathorn areas of the city.

I’ve hope I’ve given you some food for thought if you are considering a luxury holiday anywhere in the world. Nothing beats Thailand, the standard of service you get there is truly world class.

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