Making Informed Decisions about Moving into a Care Home

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Moving into a care home requires several steps. The first one – and arguably the most important – is picking the right care home. Here, you need to make decisions that make the most sense to you, ensuring that the move is right for your specific needs. To help you make better, more informed decisions about moving into a care home, consider the following. 

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Where is the Care Home Located?

Most people don’t want to move halfway across the country just for a specific care home. To make the best decision for you, find a care home that is relatively close to your current house or your relatives/loved ones. For example, if you live outside London around Reigate, Signature at Reigate Grange Care Home may offer the best location for your needs. Being on the A25 and just a short drive out of town, with easy public transport access, it makes a good location.  Plus, it has the benefit of being a luxury care home that offers 5-star style accommodation. This kind of easy access will make all the difference for family visits once you move in.

What Care is on Offer?

There are different levels of care that each care home offers, including: 

The level of care you should seek depends on your needs. Before deciding on a care home, understand the care you require so you can be sure you receive the support necessary at the home. You can talk to your doctor to understand what your full needs are now and how they are likely to change in the near or distant future. It makes sense to move into a residential setting that will also be able to cope with any health needs you might have five years down the line.

What Activities Are There?

In addition to providing the support you need each day, the ideal care home should offer a range of fun activities. To make the best decision for you, choose a care home that offers leisurely activities that you already enjoy. For example, if you love spending time potting and looking after plants, look specifically for a care home that allows residents to have their own garden plot. If you’re a fan of films, look for a care home with a cinema. 

How Do They Hire the Care Team?

It’s a good idea to know how they choose the team members who work there. After all, the team members are the ones who can make the experience positive. That is something you can directly ask management. Be sure to ask about training, too, as you want to be sure the care team there is adequately trained, especially if you have specific medical needs. 

What Do Other Residents Say?

To be fully informed about a care home, it’s best to know what the current and past residents think about the home itself. Are their experiences positive? Even a quick chat with a resident’s loved one can help provide a more overall view of the place, so you can rest assured it’s a location you’re happy to move into and will thrive at.

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