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Gateway to southern Germany and the Bavarian Alps, the magnificent city of Munich ranks high amongst Europe’s most charming travel destinations.

The country’s third-largest metropolis (after Berlin and Hamburg), is bursting with historical buildings, first-rate museums and a cultural landscape that stretches way beyond its outlying boundaries into the lush, green Bavarian countryside.

munich germany

Sustainably minded Munich

In Munich, sustainability and eco-tourism aren’t just trends, they’re a way of life for visitors and residents alike. An important aspect to consider when exploring the city is that most of the centre (and its adjacent districts) is a designated Green Zone, which means that all the streets located inside the Mittlerer Ring are contained within the low emission zone, for which a sticker on the car is required and must be displayed throughout the duration of your trip.

The city centre is best explored on foot or by using the city’s excellent and extensive public transport system. However, if you leave the City Centre, a rental car is a great alternative. One of the most affordable options is Auto Europe, a car rental broker and a strong leader of the car hire industry since the mid-1950s. From small, economical cars to the most sumptuous, top-of-the-range SUVs, Auto Europe offers the widest choice of vehicles at the lowest prices on the market. In Munich they also provide electric cars for hire (currently available at the time of publishing this article) and thus offer ecologically-minded visitors the chance to contribute to the city’s sustainability programme whilst avoiding any Green Zone low-emission restrictions.

Famous Munich sites

Most visitors (particularly first-timers) start their tour of Munich at Marienplatz, the city’s vibrant main square that’s home to the Neues Rathaus (Munich’s impressive Town Hall building) and its world-famous Glockenspiel chiming clock.

A stone’s throw away from Marienplatz stands the city’s imposing cathedral, the Frauenkirche, whose iconic green-topped domes became the blueprint for the many Baroque onion domes still seen throughout southern Germany today.

The centre of Munich is also adorned with a great number of world-class museums, chief amongst them, and an especially awesome experience for kids, is the Deutsches Museum which showcases the cream of the planet’s scientific and technical achievements in one of the oldest, largest and most complete museums in Europe.  For families with older kids or teenagers, the BMW Museum is a great alternative to visit. Here you can learn about the history of the automotive industry and the future of mobility.

Other major cultural attractions to add to your Munich itinerary include Glyptothek (a distinguished museum renowned for its fine collection of Roman and Greek sculpture) and Alte Pinakothek, a superb gallery filled with masterpieces of European art from the Middle Ages to the mid-18th century.

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Nature experience in Munich

A great nature experience is the ever-popular Walderlebniszentrum Grünwald, a centre open all year round that offers visitors of all ages a wide range of self-discovery activities (a perfect activity to add to your Munich Itinerary), including adventure trails and a wonderful wild boar enclosure. For the little ones, the Märchenwald amusement park in the Isartal is to be recommended which will create unique forest-fairytale memories.

Lesser known fun and totally off the beaten track is surfing in the Englisher Garden. Yes, that’s right, you can surf in the middle of the city.  The Englischer Garten is one of the largest urban parks in the whole world, in fact, bigger than Central Park in New York! The point of the river near Prinzregentenstraße is the place you need to look for to see the surfers or try it yourself, challenging the waves and the strong currents of the Eisbach.

Munich Itinerary - river germany

Fun things to do in Munich – Munich Itinerary

Another of the main attractions for people booking a car hire in Munich is the opportunity to experience the Romantische Strasse, Germany’s world-famous Romantic Road. Stretching for almost three hundred kilometres from Füssen in the south to Würzburg, a lovely town conveniently located between the cities of Frankfurt and Nuremberg, this stunning route offers drivers a wealth of sightseeing opportunities in one of the most spectacular parts of the country.

Munich is also within comfortable reach of the amazing Alpine Road (Deutsche Alpenstrasse), another of Germany’s most scenic driving routes. Winding a magical passage through the verdant foothills of the beautiful Bavarian Alps, this enchanting route gives visitors the chance to fully appreciate the true splendour of the German landscape in close proximity to the Austrian frontier, with an abundance of interesting sights to be enjoyed en route.

If you need a short break during your trip, a stop at one of  Bavaria’s famous Biergartens is a great opportunity to unwind and enjoy some of its renowned dishes, like Weißwurst, Schweinebraten or Pretzels fresh from the oven. An added bonus are the playgrounds that are present at most Biergartens, perfect for the kids to let of some steam after a long drive.

And if you are lucky enough to be visiting Munich in autumn, then you’re bound to get swept along by all the fun to be enjoyed at the Oktoberfest, Germany’s massive party held in fairgrounds the size of villages! But it’s much more than a beer festival, it’s also a large-scale entertainment and musical event complete with side shows, open-air concerts, white-knuckle rides, carousels, shooting galleries and much, much more.

Have a great trip and add these ideas to your Munich itinerary!

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