Mama + Belle Teething Jewellery Review

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My poor baby girl has been teething for the last few months, she just turned one and has got 6 cute (and sharp!) little teeth. She’s quite good at managing the pain, only when she was just starting to cut her first two, at around 6 month old, that’s when we needed to use some teething gel occasionally. A lot of people think that teething pain should be manageable without giving your baby a pain killer. I tend to agree with this based on my experience, but there’s also a lot of different techniques which could help: letting them chew on cold vegetable sticks, giving them teething toys or a dummy, or even if you breastfeed then feed them more frequently during teething periods. Now, my girl currently chews on everything, so never a better time that we’ve been selected to test Mama + Belle’s Teething Jewellery.

So I picked my favourite colour combination from their webshop – also happens to be one of their bestseller -: a combination of mint green, copper and marble coloured beads. I was a bit torn as I really liked another one with pastel ice cream colours, so it was a hard decision. It arrived in no time, in a neat little pouch.

Popped it into the dishwasher quickly to sterilise it. (Not that she doesn’t eat dirt, she does, that’s her favourite. I just wash everything before the first use, clothes, dishes, everything really.) I put it on straight after that. Funnily enough, initially she might have been thinking that she isn’t supposed to be playing with it, let alone putting it into her mouth. So I had to show her what is it for. After this, she started to happily gnaw on it and for time to time she kindly offered it to me for a chew, my generous little girl:

She likes it and so do I. It’s great for satisfying her constant urge for chewing. The silicone gently massages her sour gums. Another plus is that it goes well with most of my outfits, looks great as a piece of fashion jewellery. People can’t tell if they’re not aware of the existence of teething jewellery, that it’s got another purpose too. Also, wearing chewable accessories means babies won’t ruin their brand new teeth with metallic jewellery (and they won’t damage your beloved, expensive things!).

Naturally, it gets a bit dirty from time to time, especially the light colours, but no worries, as the dishwasher can take care of it. (Or plain soapy water.)

What I love about it:

  • BPA, PVC, lead, latex and phthalate free
  • Designed with safety knots between the beads and with breakaway clasp
  • 100% food grade silicone
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe (it’s a nice and cool for the baby’s sour gum if you put it into the freezer for a little bit befor use)
  • Mama + Belle is an ethical micro business: 10% of the profit goes to Stella’s Voice, a charity fighting against human trafficking.



I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I can highly recommend it to my fellow mums.


  1. What a cool idea, i have only seen the necklaces babies wear themselves rather than one like this

  2. Love the idea of teething jewellery and they are quite pretty too. Will definitely check them out when my bun in the oven is out.

  3. Teething jewellery is something I missed when the girls were infants :), wish it had come a few years before or maybe, if they were there, I wish I was made aware of it! You look beautiful in the picture above! 🙂

  4. I really like this! I’m not a person who wears a lot of jewelry, but the stones look really smooth! Just wondering, aren’t those not heavy?

    1. Author

      Not at all! They’re silicone, really lightweight.

  5. How lovely! I’m with you in trying to manage the pain without meds, but it’s not easy, is it? We’re past the worst of teething, thankfully, but this necklace seems to really work for you and it suits your style. Looks great with those Breton stripes! ?

    Kat x

  6. What a lovely necklace, we love our teething necklace both of the girls like it! I love the colours on this one xx

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