Maximum Cash Passengers from Popular Countries Can Carry While Traveling to UAE

Maximum Cash Passengers from Popular Countries Can Carry While Traveling to UAE

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As the COVID-19 regulations and protocols are relieved, tourists and foreign travelers from all over world trooping into the UAE to visit amazing emirates & totally safe cities, start your planing checking your UAE visit visa requirements & many other things. This article I will be answering the question “What’s the maximum cash passengers can carry?”

Maximum Cash Passengers from Popular Countries Can Carry While Traveling to UAE

There is no restriction on the quantity of money that passengers may bring into or out of the UAE, according to the Federal Customs Authority. Travelers must notify customs officials if they are possessing Dh60,000 or more, or the equal in other denominations.

On Thursday, September 16, the customs office tweeted the notice.

Several things that visitors to Dubai carry with them are free from customs charges, according to a statement made earlier this month by Dubai Customs. A limit of 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars, and 500 grammes of tobacco are permitted per individual which add up to a total cost of Dh3,000. Customs duties apply to items that exceed this limit.

About Dirham

Since its introduction in 1973, when the Qatari riyal and the Dubai riyal were replaced, the dirham has served as the national currency in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. usually referred to as the United Arab Emirates dirham and denoted by the letters DH or AED. It is one of the most steady currencies in the world and is tied to the U.S. dollar. In 1997, 3.6725 AED is the value of one dollar. Except for the US Dollar, all other currencies, including the Indian Rupee, are susceptible to fluctuating conversion values.

List of Popular Countries with Cash Allowed Limits:

India to UAE

Approximately 12.2 million of the 90 million people who passed through Dubai airport en route last year were Indian. The latest headlines claim that all terminals at the Dubai International and Al Maktoum airports now accept the Indian rupee for payment. As a result, the Indian Rupee is now the 16th currency that can be used in Dubai’s duty-free shops. The ability to purchase at duty-free shops in airports without having to convert their money to local currency is wonderful news for everyone, particularly for Indian travelers. Before they could trade, they had to exchange their Indian Rupee for dollars, dirhams, or euros, which cost them money due to foreign exchange charges. All across Dubai, major credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are recognized. Additionally, there are ATMs located in lodges, restaurants, shopping centers, and other public locations throughout the city. However, it could be a great way to have some cash on hand when negotiating and purchasing in the city’s well-known souks.

Understanding the maximum quantity of cash that may be transported from India to Dubai is crucial. It is prohibited for travellers to transfer Indian currency out of India. However, citizens are permitted to take up to Rs 25,000 worth of Indian currency notes and coins on international flights. There is no maximum amount of foreign money that may be taken out of India. However, foreign money valued at USD 5,000 or more, as well as foreign money and traveler’s checks valued at USD 10,000 or more, must be disclosed to customs officials by completing the Currency Declaration Form (CDF).

Travelers carrying more than AED 100,000 in cash or an approximate sum to this in any other currencies or other monetary assets must report it at immigration while leaving or visiting the UAE.

India to UAE

Canada to UAE

Any money or financial assets you hold worth at least 10,000 Canadian Dollars at any moment you pass the borders must be declared. This sum consists of Canadian, foreign, or a mix of the two currencies. Shares, bonds, money orders, cheques, and visitor’s cheques are only a few examples of financial assets. Cash can be brought into or taken out of Canada without limitation, and doing so is not against the law.

Before actually passing through inspection when flying out of Canada with 10,000 Canadian dollars or above in your possession, you must appear before the CBSA desk located within the airport. Visit the CBSA branch that is most convenient for you before you travel by land, sea, or train.

Canada to UAE


When entering the UAE, visitors are required to report any cash, or other financial assets, especially visitor’s cheques, that surpass AED 100,000 or its counterpart in other international currencies.

To prevent financial fraud, the maximum quantity of unauthorized cash that visitors may bring into or leave the nation will be Dh100,000. This is also listed on the Dubai Immigration website. It was almost 27,000 USD.


Sri Lanka to UAE

If you are traveling to Dubai with your most recent Sri Lankan Dubai visa.  If you plan to take cash out of Sri Lanka and have more than the approximate USD 10,000, you must formally disclose it.

The counter where you make the statement is located at the landing duty-free entry.

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Srilanka to UAE


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