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Men – Why You Need a Good Pair of Designer Shoes

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Everybody knows the cliché of women having a thing for shoe shopping, and whether you actually have a woman in your life who covets designer shoes like no other item or are just aware of it as a trope in TV shows, there is no doubt that men are not usually thought to share the same fascination with footwear. However, the shoes you wear can make more difference than you might think, both to how you look and how comfortable and well-dressed you feel. So perhaps it can pay off to try and fall in love with shoe shopping! Here are three reasons why buying a pair of high-end shoes can be a good thing to do as a guy. Additionally, if you suffer from a specific foot condition it is recommended to include specialized shoe inserts, such as insoles for neuropathy for instance.

men clothes shoes accessories

People Subconsciously Judge Others By Their Shoes

It has been shown in psychological studies that people really do notice the shoes others are wearing, and use what they see as part of what they form their impression of that person based on. Women are most likely to do this, even though they may not even realise they are doing it, and so if you are dating or even just looking to make a good impression on your girlfriend’s mum, wearing shoes that are in good condition, appropriate for your outfit and the setting, and also give a sense of luxury and success, can be a helpful thing to have on your side. It is not just in social and dating situations, though, that you may be judged on your shoes, so for work-related meetings, interviews, or any kind of public-facing situation, owning a suitable pair of designer shoes will definitely be an asset.

Adding Luxury to All Your Outfits

Another reason why designer shoes are a good investment is that since they are something you can wear all the time, they provide a kind of universal upgrade to all of your outfits that other designer purchases like shirts or jeans can’t without making you look like you are wearing the same thing way too often. The type of designer you choose if you are only going to invest in one pair should be the type you wear most often, so if you have a dressed down workplace, for instance, you should spend high on some designer sneakers to wear most of the time, and then go for more mid-range smarter shoes for the occasions you need to wear them. If you go to work suited and booted, then the opposite would apply. If you are looking for designer sneakers with a good choice of both classic and modern looks, look into the range at, which includes Givenchy sneakers and many other high-end brands.


A final reason why shoes are important is that if your feet are comfortable, you’ll just generally be in a better mood all day! It can also help to prevent foot pain and postural issues, which can be caused by uncomfortable shoes or shoes that are unsuitable for what you’re wearing them for. High-quality designer shoes will offer the best shape and materials, and ensure you feel good when you wear them.

These are just three reasons why designer shoes can be just as welcome an addition to a man’s wardrobe as to a woman’s!

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