Mindful Decluttering During COVID-19 Lockdown? Here’s How!

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Since the lockdown has started about 3 weeks ago (although, we are a week extra in for having a very poorly little boy on week zero), we’ve been all stuck at our homes, most of us literally in 24/7. We are all probably adjusted to it as much as possible right now: it’s not easy but it has a few positives too. We are all different and so we deal with all this very differently too.

For me, the hardest part is homeschooling, admittedly. Followed closely by housework, which I have never been good at, nor enjoyed it – ever. Some people find cleaning and tiding relaxing or even cathartic – not me. However I love my home clean and clutter free. So I just get on with these jobs and try to spend as little time with them as possible whilst maximising the benefits.

So yes, do declutter!  But let’s make something very clear first: the importance of knowing what you can and cannot do with the things that have to go. You cannot give them away to any charities at the moment and the you definitely cannot be caught with fly tipping. Not only because it’s not exactly environmentally friendly but also because you’ll get a hefty fine if caught. This is also because of the COVID-19 regulations by the government: all goods are possibly contaminated and will be treated as such. These regulations need to be taken seriously, like Just Clear does it: they are able to deliver cleaning and decontamination services to the highest level and as efficiently as possible allowing you to have peace of mind. Little bit more about this in details below.

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In these uncertain times, it’s never been more important to look after our mental health. What helps the most is decluttering. Not the Marie Kondo way though – but I agree on, that less clutter makes me feel better. Same with my husband: he too struggles with the sensory overload clutter and mess causes. On the other hand, when it’s all clutter free and mostly organised – it helps to reduce anxiety and alleviates stress. So we do this regularly. We have a “one in – one out” rule for all clothes, toys etc. We do this, because we don’t have enough storage space to begin with: we live in a flat. Secondly, the children are not yet mastered tiding up their toys and crafts – so it is still an ongoing, daily little battle. Thirdly, we really do not need all the stuff in the world. (Especially not the children. They literally do not even touch 80% of their toys. Would not even notice if they were gone.)

And of course it also helps to be more environmentally friendly.  Once you’ve tidied and sorted, you can actually see what you have. You’ll consume less, which is a good thing for your wallet and the planet.

However, given the current situation, we cannot just pop to the charity shop on a regular basis, because they are closed. I also imagine, when they will reopen, they will be flooded with all. the stuff that was piling up at homes. But I also imagine, a lot of people, just like me, being at home all the time, trying to get procastinated jobs done: all the small and big DIY projects, clearing the attic and cleaning up the garden – here we come, let’s cross these off our long to-do lists!

So how should we go about this then? Here’s what I think.

tidy bedroom desk

Maximise your storage space

Tiding up and reorganising your storage space can help to get the clutter out of the sight temporarily. So first off, access your storage space room by room. Whatever needs to go because they are broken or they are not functioning anymore, right now can go into the selective bins. That will free space up and you can reorganise the way you store things. 

Book a house clearing service with Just Clear

So let’s talk about this a little bit more in detail. Not all rubbish removal companies are the same. Just Clear is house clearance and rubbish removal service throughout London and beyond – plus they also donate and recycle as much material as possible. So you can get all the decluttering done AND be sure that it won’t all end up in landfill. Their motto is: waste to commodity – which I can totally stand behind.

This London house clearance company started back in 2007 with a strong social and environmental purpose. Just Clear is on ‘zero-to-landfill’ mission and running an ethical business:

  • circular economy partnerships with social enterprises and charities like the British Heart Foundation, CRUSE and Crisis (in normal circumstances)
  • they promote reuse and using waste as a commodity
  • To Just Clear, waste they collect is not just “junk”. It’s donations, recycling, auction items and selling the various waste streams as commodities
  • Just Clear employ their own staff (most removal companies only employ subcontractors)
  • Winner of 2019 Business Green Leaders Awards and title of Circular Economy Initiative of the Year at the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2016, also Best House Clearance Service at the Probate Research Awards for 2019 and 2020. 
  • rated ‘Best in practise’ for 2017, 18 and 19, for ‘House Clearance service’ in the UK on TrustPilot and featured in the Forbes.

By less, buy better

One of my favourite mantras for a reason. It applies for everything. Buying good quality, long lasting products will help you to prevent lots of items going to the bin – simply because they are made of cheap, rubbish material. And only buy what you need. A second pair of red high heels are not needed. Switch to reusables – no need to stockpile nappies if you use cloth nappies for example. And stop stockpiling.

Keep your the charity shop bags

If you go down the route of full decluttering (which I totally understand) and end up with big bags supposed to be going to the charity shops – know that you can’t leave them in front of the charity shops now. If you do it’s fly tipping and it’s illegal. But you can keep them in the attic, garage or even in the booth of your car (like I do) – so hold onto them for a little longer. 

Sell unwanted stuff

Get rid of the unwanted stuff and make some extra money at the same time. But you need to remember to be extra cautious and practice excellent hygiene when handling goods. Royal Mail offers to pay for postage online and just drop your items off at the postbox, so no need to even go to the Post Office!

Mindful Decluttering During COVID-19 Lockdown? Here's How!

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