Mindful Ways of Taking Care of Your Outdoor Patio 

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Taking care of your outdoor patio can be a challenge, especially when it’s decorated with numerous plants, furniture that is patched with different textiles or has a pool. Cleaning must be done regularly, and some fixtures might be necessary, so taking your time and care for each zone is important not to neglect your patio. 

However, maintaining your patio in good condition is difficult when you’re travelling or busy 

with work. These things can happen, so don’t worry about your outdoor space because there are ways to keep it clean under any circumstances. 

In the meantime, you can also practise mindful cleaning as a way to cope with stress while still being productive. This method includes decluttering as a way to empty your mind of unnecessary thoughts or be more aware of the actions you’re doing to anchor yourself in the present. 

Let’s get into it. 

Mindful Ways of Taking Care of Your Outdoor Patio 

Focus on the furniture 

The furniture in your patio is the main element that makes the area enjoyable. That’s because it has a clear purpose ―you either use it for cooking and storing or for chilling with your family. Therefore, you need to prioritise cleaning it depending on the material it’s made of. 

Outdoor fabric that is mostly used for furniture consists of wood, teak, wicker, steel and plastic, each more challenging than the other. Wooden furniture is weaker to rain, sunshine and extreme weather conditions, while teak is heavier and more complex to assemble. Regarding cleaning methods, aluminium and steel are the best choices, as they only need soap and water to be as new. 

Before choosing the outdoor furniture material, you must be wary that fabrics need enough time for drying because they risk developing mould. At the same time, some types of materials are not equipped with anti-microbial features, which encourages the spread of bacteria and germs. So, you need to care for the material in accordance with their properties. 

Build a natural protecting wall 

There are ways to protect the patio that are natural and more pleasantly looking compared to concrete walls. This is also a way for you to be closer to nature and have more privacy. Building a natural fence is an example of what you can surround the space with, and it involves planting trees and shrubs. 

Some great examples include arborvitae, which creates a dense hedge and is low-maintenance. Bamboo is also to be considered, especially because it is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Finally, you can plant holly for a more colourful option due to their reddish fruits. 

The only thing you need to consider is how you’ll plant the vertical yews in such a manner that it will be easy for the barrier to be maintained in time. This must be done according to your yard space, so take your time and envision the final product.

Cover your furniture for protection 

Getting heavy-duty patio covers is the best decision for keeping your furniture in great condition for longer. That’s because no matter how much you clean it, you don’t know what will happen to it overnight, so it’s better to have such a product for covering it during the night or when you’re away for longer. 

You should also have a water-resistant cover for the times when it rains. At the same time, this product is best for avoiding your outdoor furniture from flying away during extreme weather conditions. That’s because these covers usually have connecting strings that can be used for securing the pieces in place by putting small weights on them. This helps not to damage the material and the shape of the furniture while protecting it. 

Covers are also important if your outdoor patio isn’t covered, so the sun directly hits the textiles of the furniture, which can damage it in the long run. It’s not that difficult putting it on and off every time you use it, considering that you can extend its life. 

Add lighting to create the best atmosphere 

Since we’re talking about mindfulness, it’s best to consider making the patio as comfortable and lively as possible so it can complete its purpose. In an outdoor area, lighting can do many improvements that completely change the scenery. 

There are many inspiring and affordable ideas you can approach. For example, you can hang a chandelier (DIY-ed or thrifted) from a tree that is ideally above the dining table. If not, you can frame the dining table in light with an over-the-table rod that is equipped with warm lights. 

Paper lanterns are also beautiful to be placed around the patio because they make you feel like you are attending a chill party. At the same time, you can blend the patio’s design with the garden with staked solar lights between the plants. 

It’s all about the ritual 

At the end of the day, practising mindfulness while caring for the things around you is just an exercise to make you more aware of the surrounding beauty. Cleaning rituals are an important part of our lives, and they make chores less tremendous, especially when we need to do them after a hard day at work. 

This is why including mindfulness is best because it eases your mind and also introduces you into a creative flow state in which you’re more inspired to make changes to the patio or any other house area. For example, you can get a great idea on your way to work or decide what you’re going to do while commuting back home, which is a continuous state of consciousness and resourcefulness. 

Bottom line 

Having an outdoor patio is one of the best things about our homes.  They allow us to have the perfect relaxing area from the comfort of our own properties. But a patio also needs maintenance and care for it to be in good condition for longer. Therefore, we introduced the concept of mindful cleaning and caring for your area of daily unwinding that can help you do your chores fun and engagingly. 

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