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Moving House? Here’s How To Hire A Man And Van

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When you’re moving house, there’s a lot to take care of and all can be a bit daunting. But by breaking it down the process to smaller chunks, it will help you to manage better. I have been always a great believer of hiring professional services instead of trying to do something on my own, when I have no expertise or the time to do it. For me, hiring a professional for certain services saves time, effort and a lot of worrying. More often then not, professional services are the most cost-effective option too. So when moving house, I think it’s the best to hire a man and a van in London to move your belongings to your new home.

There are a few things to look into when it comes to hire a man with a van, so let’s see them.

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Take a look at the website 

Does is provide you all the information you need? These days, companies without a proper website are just never really reliable, it’s a must have, even for small companies. If they don’t invest in getting all the right information out there making it easier for you to make a decision – they are probably don’t worth a try. Moving house with the man van  – you can see all the most important things for the first blink: get a quote, prices, type of services, phone number to call.

Getting a quote

Make sure they don’t charge you for an estimate quote. Later on when you decided to go with them, make sure you understand what’s included in the rate and ask if there are any additional costs that may be added, such as petrol costs or waiting times. Is the rate fixed, or are you going to have to pay by hourly/daily? Collect a few quotes before deciding and go with the most suitable one. Book as early as possible.

Safe delivery

Do they offer guaranteed safe delivery? The last thing you want is that your items are getting exposed to damage during house removal. The Man Van – London for example offers 100% guarantee on safe delivery.

What are our jobs

You can decide wether you pack up yourself or hire somebody for this job, but the basic sorting and de-cluttering will be definitely your job. It’s better to get sorting in the few weeks before the removal so you will have to only pack up things you want to take with you to your new house. Also, by selling all the unwanted stuff, you can cover the cost of the removal too. Alternatively, you can give them to charity organisations instead of just throwing things away.

All the little extras

You will have to think about parking permit to sort out for both places, how many people will you need to help on the day, and finally pack a small overnight bag for the first night or two as well as the a basic fridge refill at the new house along with some coffee or tea and the kettle.


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