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Mums, It’s Time To Recapture Your Style!

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One of the biggest downsides of parenting is the fashion choices. Sure, you may see the Kardashian family rocking some killer heels and designer jeans every day, but generally you can bet that they’re not the ones who have sole care of sticky-fingered babies all day long! 

When you are pregnant for the first time, maternity clothes are beautiful. They are fitting to your perfect bump and they make you feel confident and sexy – even at eight months pregnant. And then when you have a baby, it’s not often that women go back to their style that they had before they had children. Mums of more than one child are battling toddlers with sticky hands and a newborn who likes to posset milk back all over them during the day. Finding beautiful clothes to wear is more of an occasion than it is an everyday occurrence. Instead, they wear the standard “mum” uniform of jeans and a t-shirt. Not necessarily a fitted t-shirt, but one that is functional and does the job, is forgiving when it comes to jammy fingermarks and baby poop that splats everywhere. It’s not the most glamorous job in the world, but it’s the one that brings the most happiness.

mother and child

However, the kids are growing up now and they’ve become more civilised in their attempts to human. Clothing choices evolve with age, as you can feel more secure that the children aren’t going to smear their breakfast all over your legs! You can start to move off the standard parenting uniform and start to play with the color picker on the website with all the dresses and outfits you could wish for. You can start to wear those designer skinny jeans once more, safe in the knowledge that the kids aren’t going to wipe their hands on them! As a mother, it’s hard to find your own identity sometimes, but with the right fashion choices, you can recapture it once more. The kids are growing, so now you get to take your style back – or even craft a whole new one! 

You’re not the same person that you were pre-babies, which means that you have the chance to revamp your style entirely! So, why not go for wearing more skirts and boots than before? What about finding the right swimwear for taking your children to the pool? You can be confident with your mum bod knowing you are making different fashion choices. Sure, continue to wear jeans, but spruce up the t-shirts with Hermes scarves and a different style. Go for form-fitting instead of shapeless, bright colours instead of the standard black and white! You have the chance to rediscover your comfort zones and fall in love with your own style again – you should take this chance with both hands! 

Get out of the trainers and into the kitten heels once more, and remember that you were a woman of taste long before you were a mum with milk stains on her shoulders. Embrace you!

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