Must Have Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day

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For the brides, one of the most important aspect of the wedding is planning their outfit for the big day. You’ve only plan to do this once in your life after all! So, naturally, you want to make it memorable and beautiful. The bridal outfit always consists of the dress, shoes, matching lingerie and other accessories depending on the bride’s taste and traditions. So let’s see these.

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Bridal lingerie

Subtly hiding under the wedding gown, nothing sort of less important than the dress itself is the matching lingerie: supporting, comfortable and enhancing. Styles can vary from sexy through elegant to classic, each to their own taste but it’s super important that the bridal bra provides invisible support and comfort. On the wedding day, no bride want’s to be distracted by an ill-fitting bra that spoils their look. So, after the dress and shoes – or maybe just as important – comes the bridal bra as number one accessory.

Wedding bouquet

I’d say the bridal bouquet is also a crucial bridal accessory, that’s never left out and brides always use them as to define their style and taste. In these modern times seasonality doesn’t matter as you can really get any flowers at any part of the year, however some brides opt for seasonal flowers to enhance the theme of the wedding (like winter or autumn weddings). Keeping it small is probably the best these days so you don’t have to carry a huge bouquet around the wedding reception until the bouquet toss comes. But then again, it really depend on what you like and on your personal style.

Hair accessories

Another important part: the hair accessory that matches the outfit and enhance the look. Depending on the hairstyle and length and the look, these can vary from elegant to modern. Hairstyles for both the up-and-down and everything in between are virtually limitless. To complement a classic and elegant look, a pearl headband, comb, or tiara is a great choice. Hair accessories come in a variety of styles, from headbands to hair clippers and hair bows.

Wedding veil

The most distinctive of all bridal accessories is of course the wedding veil. From show-stopping cathedral veils to quirky bouffant styles everything is in fashion currently. Not every bride opts for a veil though, its popularity definitely declined ove the pst decades, but it can definitely add a dramatically romantic effect to the wedding outfit.


On the wedding day brides often tend to choose between a sentimental pieces (like inherited of borrowed from mother or grandmother), timeless pearl jewellery or tasteful diamonds. Some brides also opt for renting them, just like the wedding dress, which is definitely a purse-friendly option. The number and style of jewellery pieces worn on wedding day must be always coordinated by the overall look: some people like to go for subtle bling whilst others prefer statement pieces.

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Wedding clutch

Matching with the style of the dress and shoes, most brides prefer a small bag or clutch, you don’t want to carry tonnes of stuff in your bag, especially when you’ll probably be leaving it with your bridesmaid. It is only for the real necessities like small make up items, tissues and probably your phone.

Bridal garter

Probably on its way out of fashion, but still many brides wear a bridal garter (often the “something blue” item of the bridal outfit), for no practical reason but to do the garter toss. Many brides still participate in this age-old custom and it can be a fun part of the wedding party.


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