My Ethical And Green Picks Of The Month: May 2021

reusable pads

Some gifted items.

One of my favourite things about my blog is that I have this massive opportunity to make a difference. I use my blog to spread the word and make people aware of ethical and green issues. I find that the best way is to do this by introducing other eco-friendly options, that are positive choices for people and planet. We don’t have to accept and buy the goods big labels and glossy adverts are trying to sell us. Money is a vote which you can use every time you go shopping. By using your spending power wisely you can help to create a better, healthier and greener world.

With that in mind, the idea to create a new monthly review series called “My Ethical And Green Picks Of The Month” was born. The posts are to introduce all the small shops and indie brands which produce and sells ethically produced, eco-friendly, organic, natural, cruelty – free and fairly traded goods, that are alternatives to everyday items such as fast fashion, processed food, cosmetics and cleaners containing toxins and harmful chemicals.

Reusable sanitary products

This Bloom & Nora Trial Kit is a great way to find out which size would work for you. The pack comes with four sizes of our bamboo sanitary pads. Each has natural fleece and popper tabs to keep your fabric sanitary towel firmly in place. Included an Out & About Bag, that holds four to six pads and has two compartments to keep used and unused pads separate. (This is very clever, I’ve never seen other brands doing it.) The waterproof layer from recycled plastic bottles. On average, two plastic bottles are diverted from landfill with every trial kit. I have a voucher code for you if you’d like to buy anything from Bloom & Nora, just use Captianbobcatblog21 to get 20% off of your order.

reusable pads

reusable pads eco-friendly

Book for little eco-warriors

A Planet Full Of Plastic gives a fascinating insight into the ways we use plastic in our everyday lives – how it was invented, how it is used and, most importantly, how we can reduce our plastic consumption and deal with our rubbish. It’s a really thought provoking and inspirational picture book and a fabulous introduction into ways that we can protect our environment from our plastic waste and be more eco-friendly. I purchased it from The Little Book Stall and the kids love it!


Organic cotton children’s clothes

Frugi has kindly sent us a few pieces from their summer collection, and just as always we absolutely fell in love with them. Bobcat’s ‘Lucas’ jumper is super soft and comfy, made from GOTS certified Organic Cotton Brushback Fleece with a fuzzy peached finish. His Explorer Shorts have two handy pockets on the front and another two with popper fastenings on the sides, these combat-style shorts are great for your little adventurer to store their precious treasures within.

Frugi outfit eco-friendy

Plastic free dry shampoo

That works! It also comes in two shades: one for darker and another one for lighter hair. The trick is to apply it with a large make up brush to avoid going everywhere but your roots. It’s definitely a game changer for anyone with a busy life or as a last minute rescue.  This eco-friendly dry shampoo saves your scalp from harsh chemicals, adds nutrients to your hair and scalp, is 100% natural and very effective. It soaks up excess oil between shampoos to give you more days without a hair wash. It also gives clean hair a lot of body.

Dry shampoo

Natural nail varnish

As natural as possible I think. I was on the hunt for this for ages since I finally found reusable nail varnish remover PADS from Tabitha Eve. So now I have an eco-friendly, non-toxic nail varnish too, from Benecos. I’ve been using Benecos products (black eye pencil and eye brow pencil) for a few years – not the mascara though, they can’t get that right. But this nail varnish is a new addition to my Benecos collection, cheap and cheerful, works nicely, covers perfectly and because it’s a small size bottle it will not get wasted.

eco-friendly ynail varnish


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