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My Ethical And Green Picks Of The Month: October 2020

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
eco-friendly toilet paper

Gifted items.

One of my favourite thing about my blog is that I have this massive opportunity to make a difference. I use my blog to spread the word and make people aware of ethical and green issues. The best example of this is when I share my ethical and green picks of the month.

I find that the best way is to do this by introducing other options, that are positive choices for people and planet. We don’t have to accept and buy the goods big labels and glossy adverts are trying to sell us. Money is a vote which you can use every time you go shopping. By using your spending power wisely you can help to create a better, healthier and greener world.

With that in mind, the idea to create a new monthly review series called “My Ethical And Green Picks Of The Month” was born. The posts are to introduce all the small shops and indie brands which produce and sells ethically produced, eco-friendly, organic, natural, cruelty – free and fairly traded goods, that are alternatives to everyday items such as fast fashion, processed food, cosmetics and cleaners containing toxins and harmful chemicals.

My Ethical And Green Picks Of The Month: October 2020

Eco-friendly laundry

Now, I have been using soap nuts probably for 2 years now, great for general dirt, mud, soil, most food, etc on clothes.  When it’s very dirty or I want to add some extra kick to the cycle I use soda crystals as well. The stain remover stick that I have just recently tried worked well too. Adding a few drops of essential oil gives a nice fresh smell to the laundered clothes. There’s no need for synthetic fabric conditioner.

I started to use them because my son has had eczema as a baby. It then cleared but 2 years ago it came back with double force. Even before this, I have removed fabric conditioner and everything else that was a potential allergen. For a while, it seemed that we were coping with the regular non bio, simple, supermarket branded washing powder. But suddenly we weren’t and so I tried soap nuts. So far the only thing that works for his sensitive skin. Plus, everything in the bundle is completely plastic free!

soap nuts. Green picks.

Children’s clothes made of recycled plastic

These Frugi Explorer Waterproof Coats has got 36 post consumer plastic bottles in them! They have a comfy wadded layer and a super soft fleece lining in the hood and at the top that’s great for protecting your little one from the elements and keeping them warm on colder days!

Made from post consumer recycled polyester plus a fluorocarbon free durable water repellent finish to help prevent stains and extend the life of the coat. We absolutely adore them! I’m a big fan of Frugi for the quality material they use. These include organic cotton as well as the gorgeous designs. I love dressing my kids as what they are – kids!

Frugi coats

Vegan cosmetics

The Vegan Fox is a small family business and they make 100% vegan, cruelty free, ethical and paraben free cosmetics, approved by the Vegan Society. There’s absolutely nothing of animal origin – no gelatine, no lanolin, no beeswax. Every product is handmade and 98-99% of natural origin. I love these hand and foot creams from them!

vegan fox cosmetics. Green picks.

Stainless steel water bottle

Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles today! This bottle is made of premium food-grade (18/8) stainless steel, a metal recognised for its strength and purity. It also protects against flavour transfer. Introduce a touch of artistic fun to your everyday items with the Sea Water Bottle. This CP bottle is stylishly designed with paintings of ladies in ocean-inspired costumes, while it’s made from non-leaking stainless steel and is lightweight to make super convenient. Great when you’re on the go, it’s as eco-friendly as it is chic. 

water bottle

Bees wax wraps

Stib’s Children’s Beeswax Wraps are a great alternative to cling film and foil in kids lunchboxes.
Stib produce ‘good gifts’ for kids which spark conversations and help them feel good and do good. 10% of profits go to charity WE.org supporting education projects for vulnerable children around the world. Stib Children’s Earth Lover Beeswax Wraps are available exclusively at www.joules.com/friends-of-joules
bees wax wraps. Green picks.

Toilet paper made from recycled paper

Each time a box of  48 rolls of toilet paper World Changing Me donates money to plant and look after one tree. The toilet paper is of course tree free (it is made of recycled paper) and the boxes are made from cardboard made from sustainably sourced timber. You can also buy as little as 9 rolls when you order!

eco-friendly toilet paper: me showing it! Green picks.

What do you think of October’s ethical and green picks?

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