My Green And Ethical Picks Of The Month: September

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One of my favourite thing about my blog is that I have this massive opportunity to make a difference. I use my blog to spread the word and make people aware of green and ethical issues. I find, that the best way is to do this by introducing other options, that are positive choices for people and planet. We don’t have to to accept and buy the goods big labels and glossy adverts are trying to sell us. Money is a vote which you can use every time you go shopping. By using your spending power wisely you can help to create a better, healthier and greener world.

With that in mind, the idea to create a new monthly review series called “My Ethical And Green Picks Of The Month” was born. The posts are to introduce all the small shops and indie brands who produces and sells ethically produced, eco-friendly, organic, natural, cruelty – free and fairly traded goods, that are alternatives to everyday items such as fast fashion, processed food, cosmetics and cleaners containing toxins and harmful chemicals. My aim is to inspire you to choose positive buying. To reverse reducing the power of local communities, to stop overconsumption, abusing animals and wasting our natural resources. 

My Ethical and green picks for September

So let’s get started and see what are my favourites this month!

The vegan one

I’ve been a big fan of Sweetpea Pantry’s healthy baking mixes for a while and now they have few new products and even more improved ingredients (which are now also available at Tesco!). We have recently tested their Raw Cacao, Flax and Teff Chocolate Brownie Mix and Super Oat and Flax Carrot Muffin Mix. They are not easy enough for a 2-year-old to combine all the ingredients (see photos) but they are ready in no time and really yummy. Chieftester Captain “Picky as Hell” Bobcat says so! Both mixes have the option to prepare them on a vegan or a vegetarian way – we did the latter.

sweetpea pantry

sweetpea pantry

sweetpea pantry

The eco-friendly one

I have reviewed this VonShef Halogen Oven which retains nutrients and flavour and cooks up to 40% faster than a conventional oven whilst using less energy, making it more eco-friendly. I alos currently run a giveaway where you can win one of these fantastic halogen ovens: Review & Giveaway: VonShef Halogen Oven From Domu Brands

Halogen ovenHalogen oven

The zero-waste one

I am slowly changing my beauty routine and I have two new zero-waste additions: a hand knitted facecloth (made using 100% recycled cotton yarn) and reusable make up pads both from Wearth London These zero waste options are fantastic and helps me to give up single use plastic products. Testing these hand-knitted facecloth, eco-friendly cleansing pads proved to be an easy swap: they are both incredibly soft after quite a few wash now. I have also received a lovely organic soap with them and bamboo straws – which are now can carry around in the little pouch they came in. I personalised them with stickers for the children.

Wearth products

The sustainably sourced one

I absolutely love WakeCup products and this cool and stylish tote bag is my newest favourite. My Mac perfectly fits so I carry my laptop around in my new, responsibly sourced, vegan tote bag  which is also waterproof, washable, lightweight, yet extremely durable. They are also an ethical brand too: 10% of all profits goes to Marine Conservation Society.

WakeCup bag


The ethical one

I have tested Percol Coffee’s delicious products this month. Percol makes the first plant-based range of Nespresso compatible capsules in the UK. Great taste, without the waste! Together we also promoted Percol’s initiative of #CleanupCoffee. Big brands like Starbucks, Costa and Nero need to clean up their act and introduce recyclable alternatives, as sustainable solutions already exist! Sign the petition here:
Percol also gives back to the farmers: they are part of the Next Generation Coffee project, which helps the new generation of farmers see a positive future in coffee growing, by providing education about climate change, and offering training in growing techniques and sustainability.





Disclaimer: I was gifted with the above products.

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  1. This is a great selection of products. I love Sweatpea Pantry’s kits and making them with my kids. And I’m putting that fab vegan tote bag onto my Christmas list!

  2. Great picks. I would love a hallogen oven but I have no space for it, It’s so frustrating, the same reason I don’t have a slow cooker. I love the knitted face cloth and cleansing pads too, looks like a great way to stop using wipes and cotton pads.

  3. I love the handknitted face cloth. I’ve been doing my bit by using a flannel instead of cotton wool for years. Every small action helps, doesn’t it.

  4. I love the sustainable bag and it looks big enough and strong enough to carry everything I could need with s young child. Sounds like, you’ve made some great switches.

  5. I’m all in favour of using ethical products these days and there are so many more choices on the market than there used to be. I like the sound of the eco-friendly cleansing pads.

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