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My New Favourite Interior Picks: Falling In Love With Pretty Metallics And Navy

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We have just done quite a bit of a renovation jobs done on our home: the entire bathroom, re-tiling the kitchen floor and walls as well as getting a new work top. A lovely dark grey stone one – never ever wooden work top again, that was a huge mistake we made about 4 years ago. there we go, it was ready for the change just within 4 years. Apart from the renovation I’m also getting a few furniture items changed and adding some new accessories in every room. I know, I know… we have small children, who still keep doing their best to ruin our nice things – but I just had enough and I’d like a home I enjoy. Therefore, I’m not buying super expensive things and obviously I avoid the potentially dangerous pieces like furniture items with sharp corners.

Our place has heavy art deco features: the ceiling is curved in every room, we have a dark green marble fireplace and toughened glass panel internal doors. We have just painted the living room soft dove grey. So surfing around, I found an online furniture store called Furnish Your Home, an independent, family owned business which is always important point for me when making purchase decisions. Looking at their page, I think I have a new favourite: metallics (brushed rose gold) combined with soft navy blue! They would go so well with the soft grey wall and the art deco feature. They are quite reasonably priced too. 

Here goes my wish list:

My New Favourite Interior Picks: Falling In Love With Pretty Metallics And Navy

Felicity coffee table

Brittany floor lamp

Cancale light

lyon blue chair

Naples-amalfi dining set


What do you think about them? 



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  1. What an awesome color combo! I’ve loved light pastels with metal gold, but this looks like it might be a new and upcoming trend! Love it.

  2. I love the copper and navy blue colour together, they’re just so luxurious.

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