My Vegan Beauty Routine With Atlist


The best thing about being a green and ethical blogger is…. well there are actually two things I LOVE about it: the first is, that I can inspire someone to make simple changes in their life and routine for a cleaner and fairer future. These small changes matter, and are very important steps. The other thing is, that I get test a lot of new, natural, eco-friendly, ethical and organic products produced by small brands and indie businesses. But if I myself look for inspiration, I always struggle a little bit. I often give a shout on twitter for recommendation, like when I need a new, tried and tested vegan mascara, firming eye serum, shampoo or other vegan skincare products. Never really have got lucky with that. I can browse through my fellow ethical bloggers’ latest reviews – but I often don’t seem to find what I need. 


Meet Atlist, a new age online community for ethical shoppers

Until now. I have just discovered the most amazing online tool to find everything ethical what I need: Atlist. Atlist is an ethically aligned wishlisting application. It is an online community, for the  like-minded: green and ethical thinkers. It aims to make it easier for the members of community to source ethical alternatives when shopping online. They do this with the help of the best ethical bloggers who really know their stuff when it comes to ethical goods and services and they share all the latest updates, tested products and new finds. This is a platform to share things that they genuinely love, not things they are paid to promote. This is a closed platform but a free one to use, there’s no membership fee.

So I have just signed up and I was already blown away by all the resource and information I found. In fact, I feel like I’m going to be slightly addicted to check out all the latest ethical products, I can just keep discovering stuff! Also, I started to add my favourite products, which hopefully will make someone to make a conscious decision before settling on purchasing something new. It’s great just to browse around to see: literally everything has an ethical version these days. We don’t need to compromise: they are affordable (often cheaper than a big label equivalent), better in quality and they carry great ethos.




Making wishlists

The main feature of the app is creating wish lists. You can make your own: for wedding presents, birthdays, Christmas and all occasion, plus, you can invite your family and friend to do the same and you just buy something for them off the list – and spreading some ethical love at the same time.

My vegan beauty routine

So I have created my first Atlist board with items I am currently using and some other ones I have just discovered on Atlist to create my vegan beauty routine essentials. 

Here are the highlights:

Lush shampoo bar – it has no packaging, store it in a tin –  a no-waste product, which leaves my hair lovely clean and shiny.

Benecos mascara and eye liner – these are not only vegan and absolutely natural, but also dirt cheap. I’ve been using them for a few years now.

Angela Langford beautifying serum – although, I have been sent this product to test it, I absolutely fell in love with it (read my review here) and I will keep continue to buy it and it is one of the core items in my beauty routine.

My daily routine consists of 

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser –  I’ll be honest, I loved the name, so I bought this. And it’s fab!

Sante Refreshing Toner Organic Aloe & Chia Seed Oil

Green People Firming Eye Serum

Angela Langford balanced and beautiful serum

Green People Beauty Boost Skin Restore Moisturiser

And I only use a few make up items on a daily basis, the Benecos mascara and eyeliner as I mentioned above, Wunderbrow for my eyebrows (it’s vegan!) and Baked to Last Bronzer from The Body Shop, as a busy mum of two, I can’t possibly fit more into a daily beauty routine. Once a week I use  Faith in Nature Exfoliating Face and Body Polish which is fantastic because it’s suitable for both face and body so as my Eco by Sonia Winter Skin self tan lotion which I use occasionally.

Angela langford

eco by Sonia

New discoveries on my wish list:

Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder –  my brows always have been a real struggle! I’m never happy with them. Need something new to try!

Bamboo Toothbrush with Soft Charcoal Bristles from Geoorganics – I need a regular supply of bamboo toothbrushes, rather then keep running out of them.

Coconut Sunscreen Balm – this is also a zero waste item. We’re off on holiday soon, so this would be really handy!


But this is not all, because I have also discovered other things like ethical fashion finds, plastic free home bits and conscious foot wear. 


This is a collaborative post.


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