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Bobcat just turned three. He received so many toys and books, that (sorry, friends and grandma) that at least two-third of all the presents ended up hidden and we will release them slowly over the next year. We had to do this, as last a Christmas he got so overwhelmed by opening all the presents containing toys, that we decided, that next time we will somehow try to keep it under our control. His birthday fast approaching (knowing that this was going to happen), I really struggled for a few weeks, what kind of personalised gift we can get for him. And all of a sudden, the perfect present just showed up.

Name a star. A real star. An actual star. I’ve heard about this before, but I always thought, that it’s a long and complicated process, costing you the Earth and you need to contact NASA or something. Well, none of those.

Name A Star is an online registry, where you can simply fill in a form and it’s all done in a few days. You can pick different packages depending on your budget and select the constellation (which I found really amusing). Also, you can pick a star, which is visible in the UK. With a memorable date written on the Star Deed and a personal message, you can further personalise the gift.

I received an Extra Bright Star Gift Set, in a tasteful silver coloured presentation box. The framed A4 star deed was accompanied by confirmation letter and large sky atlas. (We hung the sky atlas in his room, as he loves space related things, so that itself is a present for him.)

The whole presentation (even two royal blue wooden roses!) makes the gift set looking very elegant, so it would make a lovely novelty present for special occasions. Prices start at Β£14.99 and six different packages are available with fast and free shipping.

GIVEAWAY! also offered the fantastic opportunity to WIN a an Extra Bright Star Gift Set worth of Β£34.98! (You will receive the certificate and the constellation map in an envelope after naming your star.) For a chance to win, please enter below.

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Terms and Conditions

This competition will open on 30th of March 2017 at 12:00 am and will close on 7th of April 2017 at 12.00 am.
One winner will be selected at random.
UK entrants only.
No cash alternative will be offered.
The winners will be announced on social media outlets and will be contacted by email.
The winners will have 28 days to respond to their winner’s email.

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  1. St Patrick constellation for my nephew who is also named patrick

  2. I’d pick the Andromeda (Princess), because, well, I’m a princess lol πŸ˜‰ x

  3. I would pick Camelopardalis (the giraffe) because I’m an animal lover and giraffes are my fave wild animals πŸ™‚ x

  4. Virgo constellation as it is both mine and my husband’s star sign.

  5. Canes Venatici (The Hunting Dogs) Because my daughter loves animals

  6. I would choose from the constellation Microscopium (The Microscope)

  7. I would pick Leo – the star sign of my sister who passed away in 2015 and who the star will be named after

  8. Phoenix (The Phoenix) rememberance for a pet

  9. Phoenix as in rememberance for my niece xx she’s a bright star now <3

  10. I would choose the Sagittarius Constellation for my daughter

  11. I think i would pick Canis Major (The Great Dog) as i love dogs

  12. I’d pick Perseus after my dear friend, Lynn who sadly passed away recently. It’d be a lovely memorable, honorable and unique gift in her memory.

  13. i would pick ursa minor – the little bear for my baby girl

  14. If I’m the lucky winner, I’d name a star for my girlfriend, Bev, & it would be in the constellation of her sun sign, Pisces. She’s really into astrology so this be a perfect surprise for her ??♓️

  15. I would choose a star sign – Aries, because I would have itfor my granddaughter who was born yesterday

  16. I’d choose Cygnus (The SWAN) Beauty is the swan and baby girl is due to be born anything from now xx

  17. I would choose the star sign Sagittarius for my husband.. he’d love this!

  18. Orion because it’s my son’s favourite constellation ?

  19. The Great Bear because it’s my Dads favourite constellation!

  20. I would choose the Cassiopeia for my daughter who loves astronomy

  21. I would chose the Pegasus, as ive really needed my friends this year! and that’s what the Pegasus represents, friendship xx

  22. I would pick either Cassiopeia (The Queen) or the zodiac, Virgo.

  23. I would pick Andromeda for my daughter as she turns 16 this July x

  24. Phoenix in remembrance of ziggy our German Shepard he was our world

  25. phoenix in remembrance of my lovely dad who i would love to win a star named after so the bright light that went out in my heart in 1998 could shine a little bit again , when I look up into the night sky at my star/ my lovely dad will be smiling down to me .

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