Natural Ways To Lower High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a dangerous health condition that might threaten your life. Although it typically has no obvious immediate symptoms, uncontrolled hypertension is known to be the leading cause of heart disease and stroke. In the US, these conditions are among the leading causes of death. So, what are the natural ways to lower high blood pressure? Let’s find out.

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Get Physically Active

It is possible to lower your systolic blood pressure by up to 3.9% by taking part in aerobic exercise. The same will lower your diastolic pressure by around 4.5%. As you can see, these are amazing results that look like some of the best medications.

When you engage more in physical exercise, your breathing and heart rate will increase over time. Your heart will get stronger so that it pumps with ease. As a result, your arteries will not encounter too much pressure, and your blood pressure will be lowered.

Reduce Sodium Intake

Not so many people are aware of the dangers related to consuming high amounts of salt. Some individuals also take too much salt without their knowledge. That is because it is common in most prepared and processed foods. That is the reason most public health efforts are focused on lowering the amount of salt in the food industry.

Studies indicate that high salt intake can lead to hypertension. That means it can lead to stroke or heart disease. However, there’s no clear indication of how close the relationship between blood pressure and sodium is. However, to stay safe, be sure to consume salt in moderation.

Consume Less Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol can lead to high blood pressure. Studies show that alcohol is responsible for 16% of hypertension cases globally. If you check, you will find sources encouraging low to moderate alcohol consumption as a way of protecting the heart. However, there’re adverse effects that can offset those benefits.

For instance, in many parts of the world, moderate alcohol consumption translates to less than one drink each day for females and two for males. Suppose you already consume more than that, it is time to cut back. Note that consuming alcohol in any amount can raise your blood pressure.

Lose Some Weight

Blood pressure is always directly proportional to body weight. Being overweight is also not good as it could lead to disrupted breathing while asleep. That can also raise your blood pressure. Thus, weight loss is one of the best natural ways to reduce blood pressure and lead a healthy life.

Even losing a small amount of weight can help reduce your blood pressure by a considerable percentage. For instance, with each kilogram lost, you will lower your blood pressure by around one mmHg. Aside from losing weight, it also helps to watch your waistline. Don’t carry too much weight around the waist, as that might also cause hypertension.

Reduce Stress

Today’s world is quite fast-paced. The demands keep increasing, and you might not seem to be achieving your goals fast or soon enough. That way, you will have little to no time to slow down and unplug. Therefore, it is crucial to stop your daily hustles and reduce your stress. It will help reduces your chances of dealing with high blood pressure.

Stress is bad because it can boost your blood pressure temporarily. And if you have too much of it, your pressure will stay up for a lengthy period. To curb the problem, you need to find what is stressing you out. It could be your job or some family members. After knowing where the problem lies, you can come up with the best ways to fix them.

Closing Thoughts

There’re many practicable ways to deal with hypertension naturally. Try the ones we have shared above, and you will be okay. However, if the problem persists, you should seek help from an experienced medical practitioner. If you have someone who might benefit from this important information, be sure to share the link with them.

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