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Ninja CREAMi Review – Vegan Sorbet Making

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I do love ice cream and even more sorbet because I prefer the fruity flavour and you don’t need dairy free alternative for cream. Having said that I also like everything chocolate, including chocolate ice cream. So do the kids. But luckily, sorbets can be also sold to them, which is definitely a healthier option, especially if low in sugar, since all you need is fruits to make them. I’ve tried to make my own ice cream and ice lollies which we loved, but a velvety, elegant sorbet requires a decent machine.

This is why I said yes to Ninja Kitchen to review their new Ninja CREAMi ice cream maker.

ninja CREAMi

About the Ninja CREAMi

First things first, it’s not only an ice cream maker. I made sorbet with it to try it but it also makes milk shakes, mix-ins, gelato (no, that’s not just Italian for ice cream), smoothie bowl, frozen yogurt and lite ice cream.

Simply fill a tub with ingredients, freeze overnight and churn to perfection in minutes. At the touch of a button, the rotating paddle churns your frozen base into texture perfection in minutes! Enjoy immediately for a smooth, soft treat or place in your freezer to enjoy later.

Complete with 3 BPA-free dessert tubs to make and store your desserts, you can please everyone with different options and make up to 1.4L of ice cream.

Simple touchscreen controls make it easy to select your program. A handy progress bar on the display screen indicates how close you are to enjoying your treat!

The tubs, lids and paddle are top rack dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning. Inspiration is included with a Recipe Guide in the box.

ninja CREAMi

blueberry sorbet ice cream

What I thought about it

The best thing about this machine is – after making delicious treats – just how is easy is it to operate it. I didn’t even need to look at the manual to assemble it, it’s so straight forward. It’s a very simple machine for the user. Using the recipe book it takes minutes to make the base and then it’s just needs to be freezing for 24 hours. After that, the same tub goes into the machine for churning. This last churning bit of the process takes only about 2-3 minutes and when you take the tub out, it’s ready to be served. Or to be eaten straight form the tub.

I made a blueberry sorbet as my first try – it was absolutely perfect. So delicious. And all I needed was blueberries, some sugar and hot water. Which I processed with a blender, poured over to the freezer tub and after 24 hours chilling I had my delicious blueberry sorbet. Brilliant.

I can’t fault this machine. The Ninja CREAMi is sleek, don’t take up huge space, comes with 2 extra tubs as a default but you can buy a bigger package with more tubs. It’s easy to operate and even easier to clean. There are no unnecessary pats, it’s just the tub and the lid with the blades. That’s it. The blades I just rinse and the tubs I wash with soapy water. Super easy. It’s a game changer. Next up: vegan milk shakes! 

The recipe book is really useful (we hope this Ninja CREAMi Review is too) and you can tweak them as you wish and experiment using less sweetener or mix in different ingredients. It’s up to you.

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