Non-Sweet Foods That Go Best With Coffee

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Coffee is a fuel, which keeps a considerable number of people going. If you cannot imagine your day without this refreshing drink, you are in the right place. There is hardly any coffee enthusiast who is not looking for the best coffee beans for cappuccino, new brewing devices, and foods that go well with the drink. Will some products decrease or change the unique taste of the beverage? No way, as a properly selected food may help you reveal every note of the favourite drink. How is it possible to enjoy the best coffee-food combinations?  

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According to the common misconception, coffee goes best with sweets, but the reality is usually different. The first and the most important rule of coffee and food pairing you should remember is that your palate is the best judge. As tastes differ, coffee lovers may enjoy different snacks and supplements with it. Therefore, double-check the variety of non-sweet products that go well with coffee, give them a try and opt for the one that tastes best for you. 

  • Bacon. Although most people prefer sweet products eaten with coffee, salty items can sometimes be the top choice. Bacon is undeniably one of the most unexpected combinations but truly beneficial ones. The exclusive fatty and savoury taste of the bacon complements the strong flavour of the coffee. 
  • Smoked salmon. If you are ready to experiment and discover new food combinations, the smoked salmon sandwich is right what you need to take with the next cup of coffee. 
  • Bagel. Does this combination sound trivial? You can eat bagel plain or make a sandwich. Anyway, it is one of the simplest and most beneficial products that pair well with coffee.
  • Crepes. There are different types of crepes that can be used with coffee. Some products are sweet, and they go pretty well with the energising drink. However, if you try savoury ones, you will understand the difference. 
  • Hard cheese. Believe it or not, but coffee and cheese have always been the best match. A soft and mild flavour of cheese, combined with a delicate coffee taste, will not only keep you full of energy but will also contribute to your mood. 
  • Cottage cheese. Don’t you want to have a sophisticated breakfast but strive to keep it nutritious? Consider eating a bowl of cottage cheese, which will contribute to the delightful taste of coffee and will provide you with energy and strength for the day. You can also add some vegetables or spices to make the cottage cheese and coffee combination even more impressive. 
  • Grilled cheese. If you enjoy cheese, you need to taste it with coffee. Although some people do not love the combination of coffee and hard cheese, most of them relish the drink with a crispy grilled one. Do you want to make the flavor even more impressive? Make a sandwich and take your time to enjoy the mix. 
  • Omelet. Do you love omelet for breakfast? It is undeniably one of the fastest to cook, simplest, and most nutritious meals you can start the day with. The combination of an omelet and a perfectly brewed coffee will never leave you indifferent. 
  • Scrambled eggs. As you could have already understood, eggs work well with coffee. If you are not an omelet fan, you can try scrambled eggs with the energising drink. A spicy, well-peppered, and salted dish with a cup of strong coffee is right what you need for the quality body and mind awakening. 
  • Spicy food. While most coffee enthusiasts have their drink hot, spicy food-coffee combination is recommended for those who relish the drink cold. The beverage will not only complement the taste of the products but will also keep you full and happy. 

Have you found the best match for your cup of espresso? If you are not sure about the combination you love the most, here are several tips that may help you succeed:

  • If you get the best coffee makers under 100, you will have an opportunity to adjust the strength of the drink. Non-sweet food preferences may depend on the type and strength of coffee you consume. 
  • Robust coffee is best with mild, delicate products, as the tastes merge together fast, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. 
  • Sweet coffee with milk is more delicious with milder and subtler tasting goods. 
  • Keep in mind that the origin of the coffee beans may influence its taste profile a lot, which means that the food preferences may also depend on this factor. 

The final and the most important principle you need to mind is that coffee is an extraordinary drink that offers an unlimited number of sweet, fruity, sour, bitter, and other notes. Thus, the food combinations may vary a lot, depending on the type of coffee beans you are using. However, your mood and trivial preferences may also influence your choice. 

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