nordgreen infinity watch

Nordgreen Watches Review: Where Ethics Meet Scandinavian Design

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Danish designs are world famous for a good reason: they are innovative, high quality and great design. Denmark has a long history of quality design, mainly focused on functionalism and simplicity. Think about famous furniture designer Arne Jakobsen, Lego or Bang and Olufsen. 

About Nordgreen

Copenhagen-based Danish watch brand Nordgreen’s head designer Jacob Wagner is one of the most renowned Scandinavian designer & the former lead designer of B&O and HAY. The founders of the brand wanted to create pieces that embody Scandinavian minimalist design in their watches. But that’s not all: they wanted their pieces to be affordable, yet high quality and timeless. In my view, they have achieved this. 

Nordgreen has a minimalist collection of men’s and women’s watches with three main designs in the ladies and four main designs in the men’s collection. These main designs come in different sizes and colours in dial plus with interchangeable straps. So, there are a lot of combinations available but in the end choosing your watch is super simple and stress-free. This was my favourite thing about it. I chose my favourite design, picked the colour and the strap. No overwhelming number of complicated options. It’s like even the decision making process of buying a watch has became minimalistic. Great concept.

nordgreen infinity watch

nordgreen infinity watch

nordgreen infinity watch

Nordgreen Philosopher

I chose the Philosopher in gold and with gold mesh strap. (36 mm). The inspiration for this watch was Nature itself. Jakob Wagner wanted to connect the Infinity with the evolution of nature, removing the complexities that modern civilisations have brought to Earth. I fell in love with this idea. I really liked all designs – but knowing that my new watch connects to ideas I strongly believe too is truly special.

I always liked minimalist jewellery and simplicity when it comes to watches. They go well with both a minimalist style and with a more bohemian as well.

nordgreen infinity watch

nordgreen infinity watch

nordgreen infinity watch


The brand name Nordgreen comes from “nord” that represents the norther, scandi heritage and “green” which is everything to do with being sustainable. Nordgreen ensures that their products and processes are as sustainable as possible. Sustainability also means buying better and buying less – and Nordgreen definitely fits into that category.

Ethical brand

With each watch purchased, you get to choose a cause you would like to support. With the Giving Back Program, Nordgreen partnered up with three NGOs: Water for Good, Pratham UK and Cool Earth to support them. This is social responsibility done ritht.

Water for Good

when you purchase a watch, you will give two months of clean water to one person in the The Central African Republic.

Pratham UK

when you buy a watch, you will give two months of education to a child in India.

Cool Earth

when you purchase a watch, you will preserve 200 sqft of rain forest in Latin America.

Because – and here are the words of the founders: “we knew we had to do our part to help to change this in whatever way we could. There was no excuse not to give back.”

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Nordgreen Watches Review: Where Ethics Meet Scandinavian Design

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