Office Desks Around The World: What Personal Objects We Keep On Them

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This is a collaborative post.

Having a piece of memorabilia of your private life with you when at your work place makes the long working hours all more bearable. A photo of your loved ones or a little object you cherish can keep you motivated and remind you why are you doing this and who are you doing this for. It can help you to focus, it can also give you a motivational push or can help you to get mentally ready for that big meeting or presentation. has also collected some interesting desk ornaments from all over the world, see below. I think we can safely say, people love to keep some deeply personal items on their desks. They all tell stories of love and passion.

I now work from home and I keep all sorts of things around my working corner: photos, cuddly toys  and generally all sorts of things. I found this topic fascinating: what kind of personal objects people surround themselves when working and why? It’s really interesting how we are all so different, so I asked some of my blogger friends to join and find out more about this and this is what they told me:

I have a painting of a seagull that my son painted when he was just 2 on my desk. He painted when we used to live be the seaside in Kent and, I know I’m biased as I’m him mum, but I think it’s pretty good for a two year old. (Kelly from

Seagull painting by Kelly's son

I have an ornament of a pink roller skate which I have had since I was born – my work is creative in nature so I like to have it there to remind me to stay true to myself and retain my childlike wonder and imagination. (Kate from

I have a carving my husband did of a green man. I love that he spent so much time on it for me and it is a good reminder to slow down sometimes. (Erin from

A little angel wing shaped pot -just to remind me that my mum is always with me in spirit it gives me strength. (Becky from

I have my children’s art work and some daffodils they made me seeing as though everything I do I do for them. (Kirsty from

Kirsty's flowers on her desk

A piece of rose quartz and a pretty mug with my pens in. I find I feel more inspired when I have colourful things to look at. (Sarah from

I have a tiny pink ceramic elephant. It’s the first gift that my son picked out for me for my 30th birthday last year. I have a reasonably high stress day job, so I keep it in plain sight to remind me of what really matters when everything gets a little too much. (Amy from

I have lots of little things the children have made, in particular a little sculpture of me, it’s adorable. It reminds me of how much I’m loved. (Kelly from

Kelly's little sculpture

I have a photo of my family, a vision board about where I want to be career wise, pieces of citrine crystal and a Buddha to keep my mind on track. (Sabina from Https://

I have a glass from of Sea Glass on my desk. I love sea glass “anyway”, but it reminds me of our holidays and my kids and I spending hours finding it! (Maggy from

A letter/ note my son wrote to me; simply says ‘I love you Mummy’ but fills me with so much joy. (Nicole from

I include my boys’ Mother’s Day gifts as they inspire me to keep working on building a better future for my family. (Layla from



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