One Small Can Of Paint – Three Upcycling Projects

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Back when the lockdown started, spending all my time at home just like lots of other people, I started to declutter, make some improvements and little projects at home. Like finding some good home upcycling projects!

I found a few things at home which I wanted to give a bit of a make over, rather than buying a new thing. It saved money and I’m pretty chuffed with my DIY painting skills!

gold paint can

One of them was that I removed a mirror from one of the bedroom walls and put up some pictures instead. But then, looking at the mirror I decided that it could do with a bit of a paint as it had just an oak frame. So I bought a little can of rustic gold paint and painted it.

When finished with two coatings of paint, I found it too golden. So with a bit of a sandpaper I gave it a more rustic, distressed look. I chose rustic golden because we have a heavy art deco feature. Plus it’s always a good match with most styles.  We still haven’t find a spot for it. But I love it and when I decide what would be the best way to swap things around it will look fantastic.

painting the mirror

finished mirror

finished mirror

Second, I’ve ordered some new plants and created a little corner of plant oasis in the living room. I did have some pots at home already to sue for them. But I wanted a tiered stand and some pretty planters. I had an old seaweed basket which I just stored and didn’t really use for anything. Plus a branded little wooden case. Again, this was used for nothing. With the same rustic gold paint, I gave these a new life and now they are perfect for my new plants!

old seaweed basket

upcycled seaweed basket: upcycling projects

upcycled seaweed basketold wooden case: upcycling projects

painted wooden basket

painted wooden basket

And here’s my little plant corner looking very lush, I’m very happy with it!

plants: upcycling projects

plant corner: upcycling projects

plant corner: upcycling projects

One Small Can Of Paint - Three Upcycling Projects

Have you taken on any upcycling projects recently?


  1. Wow. Great transformations. My husband will love this. I do too but he does the labour. I just enjoy the finished products.😂

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