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Organic Skin Care Products Can Help Protect The Planet- Know More

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The environment is something that has been the hot topic of a lot of conversations. This has been going on for a very long time and for the right reasons as well. The planet is wearing away slowly and gradually due to all the thoughtless and mindless human activities done on earth. And as much as it may be unimaginable for anyone to think of, the beauty industry has a key part to play in it.

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How is the Beauty Industry Affecting the Environment Negatively?

By being constantly involved in unethical practices and careless trade tactics, beauty companies are harming mother nature. There are a lot of big names that are more focused on expanding their profit share than trying to preserve the world.

Widely used chemicals in the beauty industry like Phthalates, BHA, BHT, Triclosan, DEA or Dicthandomine have very harsh effects. Whether getting washed off in the washbasin or being disposed of in the dustbin, these chemicals accumulate in the environment and do not decompose easily.

Water poisoning in seas and oceans, depletion of coral reefs, turtles, rainforests, and wildlife habitats are a few of the repercussions to name. Mainstream cosmetics have toxic chemicals. They eventually make their way into the soil and water bodies and destroy the natural habitat and wildlife.

Sometimes, the pesticides sprayed on raw ingredients in farms can also poison the products. Along with that, the packaging of conventional cosmetic products takes hundreds of years to break down properly in landfills and dumpsites.

So what to do?

If this is the question that is coming to your mind now, and you are feeling the need to protect the environment, then you are thinking on the right note. Our planet is incredibly precious and it becomes our collective responsibility to protect it in every way we all can. By making small changes in habits and our daily routines, we all can bring in this necessary change very easily.

Here are a few ways that can help you to slowly and gradually gravitate towards a healthy and nature-friendly regimen using organic skin care to maintain your beauty.

1. Look for Vegan mark

It is a standard practice to test any new product on animals before launching into the market for human use. This is something that even the biggest brands in the market indulge in. In most of the cases, after the testing, the animals are killed.

This trend is alarmingly decreasing the population of specific breeds of animals at an alarming rate. Despite this kind of experimentation is very cruel and inhuman, this method is still being practiced very prevalently.

By choosing to buy only vegan marked products, you would contribute to the growth of the companies that do not support animal testing. The focus should be to buy a skincare product that has not been tested on animals or has harmed them in any way. It also means your pledged support against this bad practice.

2. Research

You can always begin by researching the company whose products you are thinking about buying. Try gathering information about the ingredients that have been used in the products. Look for the substances that are organic and or have been derived directly from nature.

It should also be seen how the company sources its products. When you start to become environmentally conscious, it matters to know if their trade practices are fair and unharming. The emphasis should always be on sustainable materials like natural oils, aloe vera gel, etc. This is what organic skin care is all about.

3. Choose the best for your skin

As the mainstream beauty products are heavy on chemicals, they are not at all good for the skin. And in the long term, the usage of such bad quality products leaves bad effects.

Therefore, being selective and picking only organic, toxin-free and natural skincare products skincare products can help you a lot to maintain your skin healthy. Such natural and skin friendly options do not contain any harmful additives that can damage the skin. They are pure in their formulations and therefore, penetrate deep into the layers of the skin to repair and nourish the skin.

The Takeaway

The planet we live on provides us with everything we need and yet we fail to understand its value. The reckless human activities concerning the beauty industry are adding to its contribution to destroying the natural ecosystem.

By adopting sustainable habits and culture in our day to day beauty rituals, we can help to keep the planet a greener and safer place for a little longer. It is our collective duty. So we should all take to making positive impacts by bringing on the necessary changes in our rituals to look our best.

Do you use organic skin care?

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