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Organising An Epic Summer Party

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
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Summer is just around the corner and we all all getting in the mood for sunny days relaxing on the beach, building sand castles and flying off to new parts of the world. During the summer season one of the things we all love to do is celebrate. Whether it be us celebrating warmer weather, celebrating football and the olympics or something else… we all like finding an excuse to have fun and spend time with our family. Today we are taking a look at hosting a summer party for your family and friends and beyond, and some of the amazing things you could do to make it incredible.

summer party

Hire a band

This might be more for special birthdays or events, however one of the best things you can do when hosting a party is to have live music. A band is on a different level to a DJ, they are fresh and raw and real, and they can change the atmosphere in your party in an instant to make it great. A band such as Happy Hour will bring fun and life to your party and it will allow everyone to have heaps and heaps of fun!

Bring a projector

If your party will run in the afternoon and the evening, one great way to turn up the atmosphere would be to bring a projector into the garden and play a movie or two for everyone. As long as you keep the snacks and the drinks flowing, it will allow everyone to settle and relax after a long day of playing games, and it can be a great way to end an awesome part.

food board

Break out the pool

If the day is super hot and sunny, it would be crazy not to bring out your swimming pool to enjoy a summer party with your friends! A fun summer pool party can be the greatest way to spend your Saturday and you can bring out a pile of towels, pool floats and drinks holders and let everyone sit and enjoy the sunshine.

Grill it up

What could be better in the summer sun than grilling up yummy food on the barbecue? It can be a great way to feed the hoard and have a relaxed atmosphere in your party, and it is important that you have lots of dishes on the go. You can even create a potluck style party and ask your friends and family to bring something with them to the party. Food is always a central part of entertaining and great food can be amazing for you all.

Create a cocktail bar

If you want to create a fun feature for your summer party this year, a great idea would be to create a cocktail bar where everyone can go and make their own drinks for the afternoon. You can find recipes for basic cocktails online and print them out for the bar, and then provide all of the drinks, mixers and umbrellas for people to create their own fun concoctions.

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