Our Fave Five Linky – December

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I’m back! ?

It’s been a long time, but I have a cute, 7 months old excuse. Sorry I had to miss you for a few months, but finally it feels like I’m getting a hold of coping with two children. Total amazeballs and absolute shocker 7 months.

Anyways, December. No better way to return to my favourite linky, it was a fun and busy months.

1. Babi’s first Christmas 

And as a family of four. I really tried to keep it low-key, no present overload (though grandparents successfully sabotaged this attempt), not hosting a dinner party, no travel. Instead, family time. Playing, reading, sleeping (haha), relaxing. It mostly worked out well, we will try it again next year.

2. Our third wedding anniversary 

It’s the “leather anniversary”. Did you know that? I didn’t.

Wow. 3 years? Really? That went fast as light. My darling husband took me out to our favourite French restaurant to celebrate. No kids for a few hours.

3. Visiting the Docklands Museum

This was our first time there and we all loved it. Especially the Victorian street with little shops and the soft play. The latter is a bit shabby, but the kids seemingly didn’t care. Bobcat didn’t want to leave. It was a chilly day, otherwise a stroll around the area is a great idea too.

4. Christmas party with my local mummy friends 

It’s always good to catch up and have a girly night out. Our old NCT group is now evolved into a local mummy network, where we support each other, seek advises and make friends. Let the prosecco flow ?

5. NYE with the kids

A friend of mine ( The Minimalist Doula ) had this amazing idea of organizing an early afternoon New Year’s party with the kids. Most of us didn’t go out anyway. So we met in a nice local pub, dressed up in disco themed clothes, the grownups had some bubbly and the kids got a big bowl of chips with orange juice. We had crafty activities, put some music on and lit the sparkles at 6pm so we all got home by bedtime. To be honest, compared to all those terrible and fun-faking New Years parties of our twenties, this was perfect, it was all what we wanted.



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