Our Post-Lockdown London Must Visit List


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I’m sure I can speak for most of us: we all have a must-do and must-visit list in our head put together what are we all going to do when this lockdown ends. For us, there are lots of things of course: the children’s extra curriculum activities they love like ballet class and going out for a meal just me and my husband, finally visiting grandparents and of course going into London again! We miss so much going to town.

We live in the suburbs of London – so we haven’t been in central London for months. We normally go every other weekend to museums with the children and we have a night out every fortnight with my husband. Every other month or on occasions we also treat ourselves to a London hotel stay, watch a West End show or a theatre play and dine out in a vegan-friendly restaurant. So, of course we have a must-visit list for when things are open again. We can’t wait.


Visiting the V&A

The Victoria & Albert Museum is our happy place in London: with or without the. kids, we often pop in as we’re members and so we get to see the latest and coolest exhibitions (that are quite possibly the best temporary exhibitions in the world in my opinion), the children always enjoy the cast room hide and seek and the museum offers lots of programmes for families. It’s just the best place in London!

Going for a ride on the Thames Clipper

Boating down the river Thames in the middle of the city, sipping a tea or coffee and enjoying the sights by the river. It’s a cheap and cheerful activity which the children always enjoy. Running from Putney to Woolwich – you can get off and back on throughout the town! Can do 20 minutes of it or the whole route.

The London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum is a must-see attraction of the capital. The iconic double-decker buses, the tube and the world-known public transport signs are all attractions, you can’t see anywhere else in the world. The London Transport Museum has a fantastic and historical collection of old buses, metro trains, maps and posters. The exciting history of London’s public transport with lots of interactive experience makes it a great day out if you visit London – plus it’s located in Covent Garden, another famous place to visit when in London. We are regulars in the museum, as the children just love there. But there’s always something new too: the museum has temporary exhibitions on all the time.

london transport museum: post lockdown London

West End shows

There is no point in living in London (or visiting it) if you don’t go and see the best shows and plays. We can’t wait for London to be back as a cultural metropolis, as usual, buzzing with great shows, dramas on stage, brilliant characters and big names. We’ve seen so many big favourites over the years and I really hope that once the doors are open again we can save this wonderful world of music and and play.

Afternoon tea

I love the English afternoon tea tradition – it’s always been one of my favourite things to do since I moved to London. And there are so many places to visit and enjoy – all the different afternoon tea themes in all of London – just want to do all of them!

What would be your first thing to do when London reopens?

London theatre: post lockdown London

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