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This month wasn’t that exciting like March, but I’m heavily pregnant and I know my limits 😉  In a few weeks time we can meet our baby girl. I’m trying to get organised and prepared for our new bundle of joy’s arrival and also giving Bobcat a bit of an extra attention.

Here are the highlights of April:

    1. After the initial anxiety and 10 days, Bobcat seems fine when I drop him off at nursery. Fingers crossed, at least. Last Friday, when I dropped him off, he looked at me sadly, almost crying, said bye and ran off to play. It was all so theatrical: his little face, trying to avoid crying and acting like a big boy. He perfectly understood the routine after a few days, which really makes it easier for both of us. He’s been a sweetheart on other ways too. For example, he started to put small toys and stickers on my bump: he wants to share them with his baby sister 🙂 (Also looking for a little bit of recognition.) image
    2. We visited our local Claremont Landscape Gardens a few times this month: spotting the baby geese, the spring flowers and the usual playground time and walk. One of our all time favourites. image
    3. When it’s the first bank holiday time, Carter’s Famous Steam Fair is always in our area, most often in Hersham. So on the last day of April, we paid our yearly visit and enjoyed it as usual. I’m in love with this steam fair, the vintage rides, merry-go-rounds for small children and the rock & roll music everywhere! Just fantastic. image
    4. Finally got to see Son of Saul in the cinema, which I was really much looking forward, being Hungarian myself. The film was great, really deserved all the awards it has won. Not an easy piece to digest, but I believe we should never forget that, that’s what really happened.
    5. Nearly completed the shopping for my baby girl! Yay! Just a few bits and pieces missing and I’ll get my hospital bag ready by next week too. There’s still a few weeks to go, but as I developed gestational diabetes, it can be less and I’ll be induced earlier.

So, lovely ladies, there is a slight chance for me missing the next Favourite Five Linky if my little girl arrives a bit earlier as the official due date, but I will keep you updated. Wish me luck ?

Have a lovely May everyone!

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  1. Ah how exciting doing all that last minute preparation before your new baby arrives! I love how her big brother is getting involved, how cute. Best of luck with the birth xx #OurFaveFive

    1. Author

      It is Becky, very excisting indeed. I’m sooo tired though! 🙂 xx

  2. Ooh bet you are so excited to meet your girl? I remember the excitement mixed with the nervousness! We love Claremont Gardens. So perfect for kids to run around and just right for pushchairs…? Good luck for the next few weeks and hope you’re not too fed up! Kathy x

    1. Author

      Thanks Kathy, can’t wait to meet her indeed 🙂

  3. Sounds like you had an exciting month! I understand the nursery anxiety, my eldest had it too. He soon started going in with no problem though x #ourfavefive

    1. Author

      Thanks Stacey 🙂
      Yes, he loves it now! Our nursery has a fab staff and is very professional.

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