#OurFaveFive Linky February – Best 5 Of The Month

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I joined to this fun monthly round-up with Suburban Mum last month.

A month has passed again (ouch), slowly getting used to writing 2016 instead of 2015, so here’s my best of list for February.


  1. Learned how to make home-made pizza. Since my little one has entered to that age when basically pizza and pasta is the best food in the whole world, I thought I might have to learn how to make healthy (healthier than frozen supermarket stuff) pizza at home. Result: huge success. It’s easy and quick, plus you can add your favourite toppings. Here’s my recipe: Quick and easy home made pizza base and tomato sauce recipe image
  2. Valentine’s day treat with hubby. We never celebrate Valentine’s day officially, but my husband treated me on Valentine’s weekend to a great day out: first we went to see Monet to Matisse  at the RA (good, but more Monet and friends and less Matisse) then had a lunch at 45 Jermyn St. (Yumm) and we watched Ralph Fiennes in the The Master Builder (Great acting of course).
  3. Grobag asked me to review their Grobags. Easiest thing to do, as I’m a big fan of Grobags as well as the idea of baby and toddler sleeping bags instead of bedding. Read my review here: Grobag Review
  4. We found a nursery place for Bobcat! My big boy is going to nursery from April, a few hours every day. I believe, it will do good for his social development and improve his communication as he’ll be “forced” to find new ways to communicate (speech, specifically) since I won’t be there to read his thoughts. I’m very optimistic about it, but it will be strange not having him all the time.
  5. We discovered a fab secret place in the V&A. And I’m going to share the secret with you: it’s a free design workshop for children. Every Sunday from 10:30-17:00 in the Learning Centre. They say it’s suitable from 5 years+, but Bobcat isn’t two yet and we had great fun. They provide the material to work with and there’s a different topic every Sunday (but you can go with your own ideas). Find out more: Drop-in design Sundays Just another reason to love that place!image

We’re looking forward to March very much, it will be packed: Bobcat’s birthday, some travel, receiving visitors, Mother’s Day, Easter. Wishing you all a lovely month ahead, and don’t forget to visit Suburban Mum’s blog.




  1. Your Valentine’s Day date sounds wonderful! And that pizza looks super yummy x OurFaveFive

    1. Author

      Hi Kathy,
      Thanks 🙂
      Will check your #OurFaveFive out!
      Have a lovely March.

  2. Sounds like a great month for you! I had also reviewed one of Gro company’s product last month and I was so impressed with it. That pizza looks yum, have not tried making a homemade pizza yet but would be interesting to give it a go at some point coz my kids loved pizza so much as well. Lovely post! #OurFaveFive

    1. Author

      Hi Cheryl,
      Thanks, the pizza is super easy to prepare too, not only yummy. Win-Win 🙂
      Grobag has just such great products! Love them all.

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