#OurFaveFive Linky March – Best 5 Of The Month

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Well, that was a busy March! I don’t even know where to start 🙂

1. Bobcat turned two. He’s a big boy now, just unbelievable how time flies. We had my parents staying for a few days and we threw not only one, but two parties: one for the family and another one for our local mummy club friends. I came up with the nautical themed party idea and it was great success, everyone loved it. See my article about it: Nautical Birthday Party For Children


2. Weekend in Barcelona. It’s so lovely to get away for a few days around the beginning of spring and charge your batteries with some sunshine and sea smell! We didn’t do too much this time, just long walks on the beach and visited the zoo. I love Barcelona and  I lived in Spain for a few years, it always feels a bit like visiting home. Wrote about it in this article: Barcelona Revisited


3. Since Bobcat was still under 2, we thought: let’s make another trip without having to pay for his seat. 😉 So we did a day trip to Antwerp with the Eurostar to visit my cousin. It was short visit but nonetheless good fun, it’s nice to catch up with your favourite relatives from time to time 🙂 and the weather was really kind to us too. We also visited a place called Aquatopia which was, unfortunately, way below our expectations. Waste of money and time. Small and dark place, nothing interesting – planning to write a review soon.

4. Our cultural date night with DH this month was actually a short Saturday afternoon. Seeing Kenneth Branagh on stage was for a long time on my wish list and The Painkiller did not disappoint: a fantastic short comedy piece with superb acting. Not only Branagh is brilliant and funny, but his partner in crime Rob Brydon too. A must see.

5. And of course Bobcat’s first Easter Egg Hunt should be also on the list. We went to Polesden Lacey on Good Friday, to catch up with friends and hunt some Easter Eggs. Unfortunately, there’s no photo of the trophy (Cadbury bunny) because by the time I realised that I’d like a photo with Bobcat and his chocolate bunny, it was gone. It wasn’t me, nor Bobcat, which leaves only one person to blame, but he denied the charges 😉


We wish you all a lovely April and don’t forget: even if it doesn’t always feel like that, it’s SPRING TIME!




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      Hi Stevie,
      It was indeed 🙂
      And I could do with a mini holiday in every 3-4 weeks 🙂

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