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Spanish Rice Recipe (Vegan)

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Spanish rice is one of my favourite side dishes: a lovely, warm mediterranean flavour which you can pair with a lot of otherwise bland food like grilled fish, fish fingers, veggie fritters and patties (or meats). It’s also vegan, if you avoid all sorts of animal products – this is for you. It’s very versatile, I normally pair it up …

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Family Trip To The National Rail Museum York (Review)

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Back in February half term we decided to take a trip to York and visit the National Rail Museum. Bobcat and daddy are huge train fans, I *might* have mentioned this before. Bobcat has a few interests these days, but trains are the biggest things for him. They were his first big interests and still are. This is of course …

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Guide To Grow Rooms

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This is a collaborative post. A grow room can be an exciting addition to any home. It will provide you with a controlled environment to grow plants. Here in the UK, more and more people are becoming very passionate about personal and wholesale hydroponics. It is not just about having a place to grow plants; it is about creating a …

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Nature Days Out For the Family in Cornwall

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This is a collaborative post. As the weather starts to warm up, we want nothing more than to get out and about with the family on a fun day out. There’s no use wasting sunny days on indoor play parks and museums, so if you’re looking for some incredible places in nature to explore while the sun is shining, then …

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Get Eco-Friendly in The Bathroom With These 6 Top Tips

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This is a collaborative post. With the latest series of climate protests taking place in London, the environment is a topic that is certainly on everyone’s lips at the moment. Climate change is something every single one of us should think about, to ensure we leave a sustainable world for the next generation. The long dry summer we experienced in …

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How To Find Your New Eco-Friendly Family Car

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This is a sponsored post. For a family after buying a house, and the children’s education, purchasing a car is probably one of the biggest acquisitions. More and more families are choosing cars that are also environmentally friendly and luckily more and more makers are manufacturing electric and hybrid cars. Green vehicles include hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, …

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Our Stay at the Hedley House Hotel in York (Review)

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Our trip to York back in February half-term was a bit of a hit and miss, we took the train from London to York to visit the National Rail Museum (and the Mallard as well as the Flying Scotsman, Bobcat’s favourite trains) and we thought, since we’re there, might as well spend the night in York and have a little …

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5 Quick, Easy and Ecofriendly Ways to Update Your Garden

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This is a sponsored post. We all love our gardens but sometimes it’s hard to get everything done we wanted. With our busy life – especially if you have family, house and garden chores are being sent back to the bottom of the to-do-lists. We only have 24 hours a day when we really need at least 30! So even …

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Make the Most of Your Trip to Carlsbad, California

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Written in collaboration with E. Jones. Looking for a fun place to vacation with your significant other, family, or friends? If you like the idea of sandy beaches, beautiful lagoons, amusement parks, sports, and fine dining, then perhaps you’d be interested in booking your next trip to Carlsbad, CA. It’s the perfect destination for any type of trip. There’s so …

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Vegan Almond Butter Cookies

In Foodie Me by eva.katona@yahoo.com3 Comments

We do love peanut butter cookies and frankly, anything with peanut butter in our house. We love to bake and cook together. Can’t beat the cookies baked together with the children, they just love to help. And it’s a great thing. A big thing for Bobcat. In fact, making yummy food always guarantees Bobcat getting involved, as a matter of …