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Setting Up A Virtual Charity Shop (Benefitting The World Land Trust)

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A month ago, a local mum and friend of mine (we’re both members of the local XR group) had this genius idea of setting up a group on Facebook to swap unwanted items locally. After every item people can donate to a charity. She posted this to our local XR Mums WhatsApp group and I said I would help with …

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One Small Can Of Paint – Three Upcycling Projects

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Back when the lockdown started, spending all my time at home just like lots of other people, I started to declutter, make some improvements and little projects at home. Like finding some good home upcycling projects! I found a few things at home which I wanted to give a bit of a make over, rather than buying a new thing. …

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Vegan Oaty Carrot Cake Cookies

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Most of my recipes – especially baked and sweet treats are coming out of the effort to hide some extra nutritions in them for my picky eaters. These vegan, oaty carrot cake cookies are no different.  By making these cookies with oats, it helps to add some extra goodness to them: oat is a great source of important vitamins, minerals, …

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7 Ways To Make Sustainable Changes At Home And Save Money

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This is a sponsored post Sustainability means meeting your current needs without having a negative impact on the needs of future generations. Living more sustainably doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Whilst shops and makers selling eco-friendly and sustainable goods often accused of pricing the products too expensive, they really cost more to manufacture and produce them. But also, they last longer, …

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5 Tips How To Make Lockdown More Sustainable

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This is a sponsored post. Sure enough, lockdown presented us with a lot of changes and difficulties across all areas of life. These are strange times we have never experienced before. The lockdown really provided the chance to put things into perspective.   There were and still is a quite a few things that became harder to sustain and maintain. Shopping …

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Going Green With Kids: Families Trying To Live More Environmentally Friendly (Interview With Katie from Becoming Green)

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I’ve come up with the idea of this interview series because I realised how people feel so overwhelmed about all the bad news we are flooded with by media outlets. On one hand, the truth is, if we carry on like this, the future will be grim. On the other hand, we also need to read positive and uplifting stories, like …

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Vegan Aubergine Katsu Curry

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Lately, I’ve been enjoying making vegan and vegetarian Japanese style meals at home. I made this Super Simple Japanese Vegetable Tempura Recipe the other week. Since the lockdown we only had a few takeaways but not Japanese food and I’m missing eating out – especially Japanese restaurants, because that’s not something I normally make at home and it’s not the easiest …

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Review And Giveaway: Homeschooling Help From Learning Resources

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Gifted items For those, who are struggling with homeschooling: welcome to the club! It’s week 12 here in lockdown and no sign of children going back to school and nursery for the foreseeable future, looks like we will continue like this till September. At home it’s impossible and also makes no sense trying to replicate school. I mentioned a few …

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Daily Note: Happy World Environment Day

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Happy World Environment Day! This one turned 4 the other day. (Excuse the hairdo, she won’t have it up, she’s already a non-conformist..) I swear she was just a squishy baby yesterday and in a blink she’s 4. In another blink she’ll be a teenager. What will the world look like when she’s an adult? A lot of it depends …

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Introducing Yoppie: The Eco-Friendly Menstrual Care Solution (Review)

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Advertorial post USE BOBCAT at checkout for 30% off your order Over the past 2 years I have tried some new and eco-friendly menstrual care products. One thing I quickly learned on this journey: one size doesn’t fit all. We are all different and so when it comes to period products this applies all the same. This is (too) everyone’s …