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Sustainability Struggles & Solutions… with Kids

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Guest post written by Anne Marie Wright founder of Rowdy Kind. Rowdy Kind (The UK’s first zero waste skincare range for kids) recently reached out to all of their fans and followers and asked one simple question:  “What is your biggest struggle with being sustainable with your kids?” They received well over 100 detailed responses from families sharing their stories …

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How to pick an eco-friendly carpet?

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This is a collaborative post. EPA studies show that indoor pollution can be five times higher than outside. Several earlier studies reflect those carpeted floors can lead to a higher presence of more dust and allergens as compared to the non-carpeted floor. The use of carpets can create higher levels of indoor allergens and dust particles that can further cause …

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Review And Giveaway: Upcycle And Customise With Paraffle Embroidery

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Gifted product. I’ll be honest with you, dear reader. Before this, I have not done any embroidery. I can mend things with a needle and a thread (not very nicely though but still) but I never tried real embroidery. But I thought this might be a great way to pick up a new skill and use it to fix clothes …

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5 Ways to Promote Your Business as Eco-Friendly

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This is a collaborative post. Today’s consumers are more eco-conscious than ever before, so making changes to “green” your business is not only better for the environment but also for your reputation. If you market your brand as eco-friendly you are more likely to appeal to a wider audience and investors. There are several green marketing strategies you can try …

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Win A New Edition Bloom & Nora Reusable Pads Kit

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Have you always wanted to try reusable pads but never knew which sizes to buy? With reusable pads for your period it’s now all the same as any other single use products: you can buy different sizes, for different flow, for day or night… and there are plenty of choices! This is why Bloom & Nora decided to offer a …

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UK River Tours: The Perfect Way to De-Stress

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This is a collaborative post. When you think of cruises, you tend to think of wide-open oceans and tropical paradises, but river cruises are the perfect way to de-stress if you’re looking for a luxury staycation. Rediscover the hidden beauty and historic destinations along the UK rivers with cruises from two nights to week-long adventures. They are also a great …

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Daily Note: Stop Cambo!

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We have to stop this. There’s one thing we urgently have to make happen when fighting climate change. And that’s moving from away from fossil fuels. If that doesn’t happen – then that’s it. No one will invent some sort of a miraculous solution like in the disaster movies. Don’t wait for that. Do something now! The future depends on …

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Plastic Free July: Ecomersh 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

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Written by Rob Laing, founder of Ecomersh  To celebrate Plastic Free July and 1 year of being live – Captain Bobcat Blog & ecomersh. are excited to share with the #plasticfreecommunity a One Year Anniversary Plastic Free July sustainable hamper giveaway! With more and more unique users buying from ecomersh. and supporting plastic free small businesses – the tide is …

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My Ethical And Green Picks Of The Month: June 2021

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Some gifted items. One of my favourite things about my blog is that I have this massive opportunity to make a difference. I use my blog to spread the word and make people aware of ethical and green issues. I find that the best way is to do this by introducing other ethical and eco-friendly options, that are positive choices …

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Good Cause of The Month: Tythe

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As you know, every now and then I try to introduce a charity organisation on my blog in order to raise awareness for them. Since I have this fantastic platform, my blog, I try to use it to support good causes too. This month I’d like to introduce: Tythe About Tythe Tythe is a new nonprofit, striving to build a …