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Play Yourself Fit This Summer – 6 Ways To Have Fun And Be Fitter

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6 Ways To Play Yourself Fit This Summer Getting fit is boring when you have to drag yourself to the gym every morning at 5am for that fasted cardio session and weights. A lot of us hate the thought of spending hours in the gym and working out, and many people just simply don’t bother because it’s just too hard. …

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Traditional Hungarian Quark Strudel Recipe

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Traditional Hungarian Quark Strudel Recipe Strudel is one of the most popular desserts in Hungary, a very traditional dish. People love to serve it on special occasions like big family lunches, birthdays, Easter, Christmas – you name it. My grandma and my mum used to make so much at once, that everyone in the family had to eat strudel for …

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A Good Night’s Sleep Begins With Your Bed

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Sleep is good, sleep is important A good night’s sleep is vital for everybody, for our overall health. We spend 1/3 of our life in our bed. If you count the lucky Sunday morning lie ins (not me, I’m a parent to two small children) and the early bedtimes spent with reading it adds up to even more. Those who …

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Good Cause Of The Month: Alder Hey Children’s Charity

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About Alder Hey Children’s Charity This month, the good cause of the month is the Alder Hey Children’s Charity. It has two main purposes: one is to raise vital funds to help make Alder Hey in the Park a really patient-friendly hospital for the 270,000 patients and families they care for every year. The other one is to develop cutting edge, safer medicines and …

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Made From Renewable Energy Crisps From Fairfields Farm Review And Giveaway

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Food shopping on a green way I love discovering independent businesses which are also doing their best to make their products eco-friendly and ethical as possible. For me, making a purchase decision these two factors matter. Especially, when it comes to food. Whilst I still shop at supermarkets, I’m consciously shifting my food purchases towards small shops, local producers like …

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4 Decorative Shelving Ideas For Your Home

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5 Decorative Shelving Ideas For Your Home Having 2 small children means we need to put a lot of our display decoration and every day objects out of reach for them. We have the classic book shelves on both side of the fireplace in our living room and we keep putting all the interesting and small objects higher and higher …

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Postcards From Venice – A Weekend In Photos

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Winter in Venice Venice has always been on my travel bucket list, but until now, I never had the chance to visit. My husband surprised me last Christmas with this trip (as he knows I much rather like to receive an experience as a present rather than an actual, physical item). So off we set in mid March and left …

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7 Reasons You Must Visit Iceland This Summer

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Summer in Iceland Summer is the most beautiful season to visit Iceland. The average July temperature is around 10–13 °C but it can reach as high as 20–25 °C. The island bursts with the colours of the nature: lush green mountain and hill sides, radiant blue skies await. It gets a little more drier and sunnier. Starting in July, the roads and …

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5 Ways To Create A Relaxing Ambient At Home

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Why it’s important to de-stress at home At the end of the days we all need to unwind and charge up our batteries. Partially because we need to get ready for the next day’s challenges and also because it’s good for our mental health. Stress can play a big role developing different mental and physical issues too. To prevent this, …

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#Supermamas Interview Series: Introducing Kate, From Kate On Thin Ice

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What are my #Supermamas interviews about? Initially, I thought Im going to do a few interviews in the couple of weeks leading up to Mother’s Day. But then I realised that I know so many fantastic Supermamas, that I will keep running these series. My weekly interviews are about mums, who have given up their professional life after becoming a …