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Review: Humble Stuff Eco Cleaning Products

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With Marie, the creative mind behind Humble Stuff we share the same ideas about being green. We even jokingly agreed on rather receiving eco-friendly cleaning products for Christmas than yet another jumper from Marks and Spencer. I’m always on the look out for natural everyday products without harsh chemicals and without giving up on performance. Not just for our planet, but …

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Red Velvet Buttercream Frosting For Cupcakes

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Recently, I had to make some quick, but Christmassy looking cupcakes for a charity Christmas fair, so I decided to use my good old Low Sugar Chocolate Cupcakes recipe and add some fancy frosting. Lovely, velvety, Christmassy red. The cupcakes are ready in 35-40 minutes and the frosting should only take another 20-25 minutes plus cooling in the fridge (about 10-15 …

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

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Starting the Christmas countdown with a gift list for HIM as it’s normally the hardest job. (Followed by MIL.) “Darling, what would you like to have for Christmas?” “Dunno. Surprise me.” Yeah, thanks. I literally keep a little drawer in my mind where I save all the hints collected trough out the year! You think you know your other half, …

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Review: Nim’s All Natural Vegetable And Fruit Crisps

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I’m always on the look out for healthy and vegetarian nibbles. Bobcat is a very picky eater, he currently doesn’t eat any fresh fruits or vegetables apart from a little banana and some tomato. No matter how creative and persistent I am, he just won’t eat them. Therefore, I’m keen to try new things just to make him eat some …

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Risotto With Mushroom And Spinach

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This is an easy and healthy meal. Even small kids will like it. A lovely way to incorporate vitamin-rich spinach into our diet. Adding 3 different kind of onions and cheese will make this quick midweek meal very tasty. Because the spinach won’t turn your risotto green you don’t even have to explain it to your picky eater. Or tell …

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Review: Luxury Autumn And Christmas Bouquets From Prestige Flowers

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Sending flowers is still one of the most cultured way of gifting. These days you can buy everything online, even flowers. I received this beautiful bouquet from Prestige Flowers from their luxury range. Here’s my review: Delivery: It arrived very quickly (lots of their bouquets are available for next day delivery) and well packaged in a big carton box and special …

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Pumpkin And Choc Chip Cookie Monsters For Halloween

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Halloween is around the corner and like it or not: little kids love their trick or treat. Mainly the treat bit. So here’s something really cute you can prepare together with them, as it’s really easy and takes no time. Not to mention the fun and the yumm factor. Pumpkin and choc chip cookie monsters  For your little vampire monsters you …

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CalAid – Putting A Good Cause On Your Christmas List

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I’m lucky. Very lucky. I have roof above my head, running water and food. Internet access to write this. Literacy, because I was able to go to school. I have my beautiful family. I’m grateful for all this and I feel I ought to pay forward. CalAid is my chosen charity for this Christmas. Why CalAid? CalAid was set up …

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Greek Style Farro Salad

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I fell in love with farro a few years ago and it was love at first taste. Similar to (and often interchangeable) pearl barley and spelt, but it’s more chewy. I love it for its neural taste. I only used it in salads so far, more to explore with soups. I normally buy the quick cook version, otherwise it needs …

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Family Dayout Series: Drusillas Park East Sussex Review

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Drusillas Park is located in East Sussex, short drive from the lovely coast. Our first time visit left me with ambivalent feelings. Some parts of it are really nice, but others are just run-down or just random. It has no apparent concept either: bit of a mix of everything, but not too original or exciting. The park tries really hard though: …