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#ChristmasSolved With Joseph Joseph – Find The Gift For The Foodie In Your Life

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Find The Gift For The Foodie In Your Life I’ve always been a big Joseph Joseph fan, I really like their stylish and clever kitchen gadgets. If you haven’t heard about them yet: Joseph Joseph specialises in creating multi -award winning, design-led products for the kitchen and home with a strong emphasis on form, functionality and quality. Buying stylish kitchen …

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Toddler Friendly Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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Bloggers are quite outspoken creatures. Well, you can’t really be a blogger without this quality. So I was a little bit disappointed that my little girl, who’s 18 months old at the moment couldn’t keep her tiny hands off the already decorated Christmas tree and kept stealing and hiding the ornaments thinking it’s a hilarious game. I kept saying ‘no’, …

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Ethical Christmas Trees? Yes!

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It’s Christmas time again and I just couldn’t wait to decorate our tree. I love to put it up on the first advent weekend, so we can enjoy all the festive decor for a whole month. It’s a special time every year as a family, and I just love glancing over the Christmas tree in our living room – cheers …

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Guest Post: 7 Ways To Teach Kids About Ethical Living

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Life in Harmony Children aren’t born with sterling characters. They need to be taught to consider the needs of others while learning how to take care of themselves. In a perfect world, we’d all work together in harmony, but we all need a little help before we can embrace a harmonious, ethical lifestyle. What is Ethical Living? When we talk …

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How Our Local Community Can Have A Positive Impact On Our Lives

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We often take things granted but with Christmas being around the corner it’s good to stop for a moment and think about all the small things and the people around us who make our lives easier or help us either by profession or by passion. As human beings, we need a sense of belonging to somewhere, and that sense of …

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Eco By Sonya Winter Skin Review

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I really miss sunshine in the winter months and I missed my tanned skin. I just do. I used to live in Spain where I used to have a natural tan throughout the whole year. I’m fully aware of the health consequences of sun tanning, but I’m totally addicted having a tanned skin. I would never (well, never anymore) go …

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Advantages Of Using Wall Mural Decoration For Children’s Room

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Wall murals are not a new invention, they have been around for decades but the latest technology lets you to quickly order them online, just add the measurement and crop it the way you wanted it to be. Great for small rooms, as well as larger surfaces, they are a very convenient and effective way to decorate rooms. Changing the …

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Best Christmas Markets For Children In The UK

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Can you believe that it’s almost Christmas? It won’t be long until you’re popping up the Christmas tree (we’re decorating it this weekend, can’t wait) with your little ones and cleaning up the mess made by your devilish elf-on-the-shelf. But Christmas isn’t Christmas until you visit lovely Christmas markets, straight out of a Christmas tale, although sometimes it can be …

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Why Use More Eco Friendly Products When You Have Kids

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As life becomes more stressful, more hectic and more dynamic, it is very tempting to go for ultramodern cleaning products that promise to make even the most burdensome tasks a lot easier. Are you in need of an over degreaser? Next time when you are out there on a hunt for it, you grab the one which says: “A hundred …

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Colorado Travel Tips – For Every Season

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We visited Colorado briefly on our honeymoon a few years ago. We instantly fell in love with the American state often and rightfully recocnised about its natural beauty. Ever since, we are planning to go back and visit Colorado again. We would love to take the children with us of course, and it would be lovely to stay a classic …