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10 Best Children Friendly Beaches In Ibiza

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Sitting here on a rainy November Monday evening and thinking about booking our next summer family holiday. I keep going back to the idea of taking the kids to Ibiza. I lived on the White Island for 2 years, but I’ve never been back since I left 5 years ago. So I’m thinking, it’s about time. My husband has never …

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Lizi’s Adventurers Granola Review And Homemade Chocolate Granola Bars Recipe

In Foodie Me, Reviews by eva.katona@yahoo.com3 Comments

My children are a tiny little bit difficult when it comes to food. Ok, quite difficult. They are both very picky, with my 3-year-old also having some sensory issues with a lot of food. But luckily they like cereals and oaty bars, which is one of the main way I get them eat healthy fibres of wholegrain and these are …

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Design A Professional Logo By Yourself With Logojoy

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Getting a professional look for your product, webpage or service is essential for business. The look, the design, the packaging is important – they carry a message. Your message has to be easy to decode, there is no chance for a second glance. Customers decide quickly, sometimes purely based on the information what they can gather in the matter of …

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#StayClassyMama Linky Party Nr 80.

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Yay! I’m so excited! This is my first proper co-hosting a linky party together with the lovely Patricia from White Camellias. #StayClassyMama is one of my favourite linky parties, I link up every week and there’s always a lot of great posts to read. So, I feel very honoured to co-host this wonderful link up with Patricia. I’m sure this …

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5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Industrial Interior Design

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I love mixing interior styles, especially old and new things, love a bit of eclectic style! My absolute favourites are late art deco, bauhaus and industrial interior design. The latter can actually incorporate a lot of other styles – and that’s what I like about it. I do like to mix minimalism with eclectic design – I don’t like to …

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Day Out In The Wonderfully Quirky Bekonscot

In Reviews, Travel by eva.katona@yahoo.com25 Comments

We recently discovered a truly unique place for about an hour and a bit drive from London. A great little day out if you live near! Bekonscot is located in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. It’s a modal village with a miniature railway but it’s not your average, vintage little modal village form the 1970’s. Far from that. It’s a perfect day out …

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5 Ways To Bring Nature Closer If You Live In A City

In Green & Ethical Living by eva.katona@yahoo.com9 Comments

We’re lucky, because we live in a suburban area now, surrounded by parks, the river and the beautiful Surrey hills within just a few miles drive. But I used to live in cities when I was younger and had no family. As much as I loved the convenience of living in a big city with the career  I wanted, going …

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Me & I Clothing: Fun And Eco-Friendly Design For Children

In Reviews, Style by eva.katona@yahoo.com17 Comments

When I buy clothes for my kids, I usually love picking bright and fun designs. It’s good if they last so I can pass them on to a friend. Apart from that, it’s important that they are kind to the skin (they both have very sensitive skin), so I only buy 100% cotton items and whenever possible: kind to the …

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5 Ways To Beat Cold And Flu

In Life by eva.katona@yahoo.com4 Comments

When you have small children in nursery or in school, winter can mean an endless cold and flu season, when at least one family member always seem to be under the weather. It’s hard to avoid it as little children don’t particularly keen on washing hands or covering their mouth with a tissue when sneezing or coughing. No matter how …

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Palo Alto Junior Museum And Zoo Review

In Reviews, Travel by eva.katona@yahoo.com10 Comments

Time for a family holiday throwback again! Who’d have thought? There’s so much to do with children in Central California. Palo Alto is famous for two things: Stanford University and the being the melting pot of Silicon Valley. About 35 miles south of San Francisco and if you drive, take lots of snacks, drinks and entertainment options for the kids …