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Low Tox Box – Unboxing and Review

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I do like the idea of subscription boxes. It’s a good way to discover new things or get your regular items delivered to you without even moving one finger. Just subscribe and receive your goodies. Most of them are based on a yearly scheme and you get a box delivered to your door every months. When I came across Low …

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Postcards From Sitges – Our Autumn Getaway

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Postcards From Sitges – Our Autumn Getaway At the end of November, my husband and I travelled without the children for the first time. Woohoo! Since my parents spent a week visiting us (ahem… rather their grandchildren anyway) we booked a last last last minute getaway: literally a few days before traveling. Like in the old days, how romantic. Picked …

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Top 5 Stress-Relieving Interior Design Hacks

In Design, Lifeby eva.katona@yahoo.com8 Comments

The environments in which we live and work can be the root cause of stress. Poor housing and poor design exacerbate the problems of modern life, such as modern, new built-homes that just don’t meet the requirements of a busy, modern family. There are solutions and here are just five interior design hacks that can change the way we live …

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5 Ways You Can Save Money On Your Next Holiday

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Planning a holiday in the 21st century is easier than ever before. There are several review and booking websites available, and you can search for discounts, even get alerts on flight prices on social media or in email. If you are a budget traveler, you might want to take advantage of the technology and plan your own getaway, saving a …

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The Advent Calendar Challenge For Parents: When There’s No More Treats

In Lifeby eva.katona@yahoo.com4 Comments

As Christmas Eve is fast approaching, we just  discovered a new dilemma – as you often do, when you’re a parent of small children. There’s a new challange almost every day… So this time, it was that this year was the first one, when we did the proper advent calendar thing – the chocolate one, of course. We decided, that …

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Are Your Bags Properly Packed? Travel Tips For Packing

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Taking a trip can be a wonderful opportunity to get away from all of the stress that you have to deal with in modern life. Of course, that can be kind of difficult when the act of actually going away can cause such a huge amount of stress by itself! Especially, when traveling with small children. Trying to get you …

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5 Easy-To-Keep, Green, New Year’s Resolutions

In Green & Ethical Livingby eva.katona@yahoo.com1 Comment

With the new year fast approaching, it’s worth looking back over what you have done in the past year. This is a time for reflection and the gathering of memories before 2017 fades into history and 2018 dawns. Of course, the dawn of 2018 brings a fresh new start, a chance to craft an entirely new story from the 12 …

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Our Travel Plans For 2018

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Around Christmas time each year, when we have a little more time on our hands, we plan our next year holidays. I always enjoy this, love discovering new and exciting places to go, finding nice hotels and the whole planning itself. We sit down with my husband in the evening after the children have gone to bed and just look …

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Battling The Bedtime Dilemma

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Parenthood is rife with many difficult decisions and a variety of challenges. No matter how much you try to prepare yourself for it,  half of it is stuff you never would’ve thought of before your baby was born. Worse, many of these decisions will have a lasting impact. You have to choose names, for example, and where you enrol them …

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How To Design Your Perfect Garden From Scratch

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How To Design Your Perfect Garden From Scratch Gardening is one of the most therapeutic and relaxing activities you can do. Spending a whole weekend outside, just deadheading here and there, pruning a hedge or planting a new find from the garden centre is the best way for everyone to slow down after a hectic week and just be with …