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Low Sugar Banana – Ground Almond Cookies

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My little guy felt poorly the other day and when I asked him what would he like to eat, he said cookies. I said OK, I’m going to make some cookies for you – because poor thing didn’t really eat much that day. So, mummy off to the kitchen and she’s thinking how could she make these promised cookies a …

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Sleep Is For The Weak (And Those Without Toddlers)

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Every parent goes through it to some extent, it’s that phase where the little ones, despite your best efforts just don’t want to sleep. In fact, they want to cry, or eat, or go to the toilet, or listen to another story, have a cuddle, or drink a glass of water, but they definitely DON’T want to sleep. A situation …

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Don’t Miss Out On These 10 Tips When On Holiday

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1. Holiday the right way Holidays are for everyone! At some point in your life, there will be a time where you just need to get away, whether it be from stress or boredom, there’s adventure out there waiting for you. Having a nice holiday can really be refreshing for you if you’re struggling to get by with the same …

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Must-See Attractions On A Pacific Northwest Road Trip

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North America  is a continent which is designed to be explored on four wheels. One of the great drives that you can do is along the Pacific Northwest – the region that crosses both the USA and Canada, and boasts stunning natural landscapes and bustling cities alike. So, if you are planning a road trip out to this part of …

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5 Top Reasons Why Brits Want To Move Abroad

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As a  person who’s currently living in the third different country excluding her home country, it’s always fascinating to see what others’ views are on living abroad permanently or temporarily, what would motivate them the big move and where would they like to settle down. A recent survey of just over 1400 britons highlighted, that about 70% of brits would …

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Christmas Jumper Mission Completed: Not For Ponies Review

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Disclaimer: I received the items in exchange for my honest review. I just love Christmas jumpers! I would never go as far as a pair of vintage looking Christmas tree earrings but I quite like cute Christmas jumpers with a hint of humour. I’ve spotted this one just scrolling through Twitter and it was love at the first sight: I …

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#ChristmasSolved With Joseph Joseph – Find The Gift For The Foodie In Your Life

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Find The Gift For The Foodie In Your Life I’ve always been a big Joseph Joseph fan, I really like their stylish and clever kitchen gadgets. If you haven’t heard about them yet: Joseph Joseph specialises in creating multi -award winning, design-led products for the kitchen and home with a strong emphasis on form, functionality and quality. Buying stylish kitchen …

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Toddler Friendly Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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Bloggers are quite outspoken creatures. Well, you can’t really be a blogger without this quality. So I was a little bit disappointed that my little girl, who’s 18 months old at the moment couldn’t keep her tiny hands off the already decorated Christmas tree and kept stealing and hiding the ornaments thinking it’s a hilarious game. I kept saying ‘no’, …

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Ethical Christmas Trees? Yes!

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It’s Christmas time again and I just couldn’t wait to decorate our tree. I love to put it up on the first advent weekend, so we can enjoy all the festive decor for a whole month. It’s a special time every year as a family, and I just love glancing over the Christmas tree in our living room – cheers …

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Guest Post: 7 Ways To Teach Kids About Ethical Living

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Life in Harmony Children aren’t born with sterling characters. They need to be taught to consider the needs of others while learning how to take care of themselves. In a perfect world, we’d all work together in harmony, but we all need a little help before we can embrace a harmonious, ethical lifestyle. What is Ethical Living? When we talk …