Passports, Preparations and Pictures: Be a Savvy Traveller this Summer

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You have waited for this moment for months and months; summer is finally here! You have been preparing to take a well-deserved holiday with your beautiful family and you can’t wait to put the finishing touches to your travel plans. For first time travellers it can be very daunting to take a trip during peak times of the year; even if you’re a seasoned holidaymaker you can still get nervous at the thought of forgetting something. Check out the following check lists and you will be ready for a savvy and seamless trip this summer.


 Organise Your Documents Ahead of Time

 If you want to be a truly savvy traveller, you need to organise your documents well in advance. If you need help after stolen EHIC or you can’t seem to find your passport, it’s time to take action sooner rather than later. You don’t want to approach your holiday without having all of your paperwork in order. Look into reputable insurance, apply for your health card and make sure your passport is in date and locatable. Once you have all of these things in place, you will be one step closer to the holiday of your dreams.

Research Your Destination

 When you’re taking small children on holiday you want to know that the destination and accommodation is suitable for them. Before you book anything make sure you check out online reviews and see what other holidaymakers have to say about the place. Once you feel confident that you have chosen the right place for your family you should go ahead and book it! Then you can have fun choosing your daytime activities so that you don’t miss out on a single thing whilst you’re there.

Take a Terrific Travel Buddy

Travelling on your own with children can very stressful, but you shouldn’t have to struggle! If your partner can’t come away with you, why not bring a travel buddy? Your best friend, mum or colleague might love to help you out with your summer travel plans, so it can’t hurt to ask. Alternatively, you could join a group holiday for single parent families, which will provide you with company and support from other families in the same situation.

Charge Your Camera and Free up Memory Space!

 You want to come away from your holiday with the best family photos, so make sure you are prepared with your camera and phone. Free up your memory and pack all of the necessary chargers so that you don’t miss a minute with your happy clan! Don’t forget to live in the moment too; it is very easy to lose those precious times because you are busy trying to recreate the perfect photograph. It’s worth taking your time to enjoy every minute rather than capturing an ideal Instagram picture.

As soon as you have all of these preparations in hand, you will feel a huge sense of relief. Whether you’re organising your travel documents or researching your holiday destination, you can never be too prepared. With summer well and truly upon us it’s time to start making these exciting plans so that your trip goes off without a hitch!

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