Peel and Paper: Revolutionising Home Decor with Colour Customisable Peel and Stick Wallpaper

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In a world where personalisation and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, Peel and Paper stands out as a beacon of innovation and eco-consciousness in the wallpaper industry. Specialising in colour customisable wallpaper, Peel and Paper offers a unique blend of style, convenience, and environmental responsibility, making it an ideal choice for homeowners and designers looking to transform spaces with personality and care for the planet.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

The Essence of Peel and Paper

Eco-Friendly Materials at Heart

Peel and Paper is not just about aesthetics; it’s a testament to eco-friendly practices. The company goes to great lengths to ensure its products and operations leave a minimal environmental footprint. The inks used in printing the wallpapers are VOC-free, water-based, and bear the GREENGUARD GOLD certification. Remarkably, the printers are crafted from recycled ocean plastic, underlining the brand’s commitment to ocean conservation.

The Peel & Stick wallpaper employs a water-based adhesive, ensuring that no harmful chemicals compromise the air quality of your home. Embracing a holistic approach to sustainability, Peel and Paper utilises plastic-free packaging and opts for carbon-neutral shipping methods. Furthermore, in a bid to contribute to global reforestation efforts, the company plants a tree for every order placed.

Innovative Colour Customisation

What sets Peel and Paper apart is its innovative colour customisation feature. Customers are not limited to the colours available in the standard palette; they have the freedom to select any shade that suits their decor, thanks to the option of entering a custom hex code. This flexibility allows for unparalleled personalisation, enabling customers to create a space that truly reflects their style and vision.

Diverse Paper Types for Every Need

Understanding the varied needs of its clientele, Peel and Paper offers wallpapers in three distinct types: peel and stick (self-adhesive), traditional (paste the wall), and heavy-grade peel and stick (waterproof vinyl). Each type caters to different preferences and application scenarios, from temporary solutions for renters to durable options for high-moisture areas.

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Spotlight on Design: Natalia and Priscilla

Natalia: A New Age of Victorian Elegance

The latest addition to Peel and Paper’s collection, Natalia, is a masterpiece that marries Victorian charm with contemporary design sensibilities. Featuring delicate illustrations of white poppies, graceful butterflies, and lush leaves against a pale sage green backdrop, Natalia is perfect for those seeking to infuse their space with timeless elegance and a touch of nature.

Priscilla: The Timeless Bestseller

Priscilla, the company’s best-selling wallpaper, epitomises the brand’s ethos of combining beauty with flexibility. This botanical floral wallpaper, with its white detailed outlines of flowers on a sage green background, can be customised to fit any colour scheme, offering endless possibilities for creative expression.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

The Peel and Paper Difference

Unmatched Versatility

The ability to customise colours is not just a feature; it’s a game-changer. Peel and Paper understands that colour is a crucial element of interior design, capable of altering perceptions of space and light. By offering customisable options, the company empowers customers to become co-creators of their decor, ensuring that each wallpaper reflects personal taste and complements the interior design seamlessly.

Sustainability as a Priority

In an era where environmental impact is a significant concern, Peel and Paper’s commitment to sustainability is commendable. From the materials used in the wallpapers to the packaging and shipping methods, every aspect of the business is designed with the planet in mind. This commitment allows customers to make environmentally responsible choices without compromising on style or quality.

Sample Before You Commit

Recognising the importance of getting the look and feel just right, Peel and Paper offers samples for every design on their site. This thoughtful service allows customers to experiment with different colours and designs, ensuring they make the perfect choice for their space.


Peel and Paper is not just another peel-and-stick wallpaper company; it is a pioneering brand that stands at the intersection of personalisation, sustainability, and style. With its innovative colour customisation feature, eco-friendly practices, and a diverse range of wallpaper types, Peel and Paper offers a unique solution for those looking to decorate or renovate their spaces with care for the environment and a flair for personalisation.

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