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by eva.katona@yahoo.com

How many pictures do you think you take every day, every week or even every year. Probably hundreds and you don’t have to be a blogger or Instagram fanatic to love posting them here and there on social media.

But the fact is that for every two or three you post, there must be thousands that go to waste, never to be deleted, never to be saved in an album and certainly never to be printed off. This means your phone’s memory is given over to storing your images and that you’re stuck in a position of not being able to delete them…just in case.

If you want some space without losing your treasured memories, we look at some storage solutions that just might help.



This online storage facility has quickly become one of the most iconic in data filing. Maybe because it’s incredibly easy to use, versatile and free up to 2GB, after that you can opt into a payment plan for a much larger size. The obvious downside is that Dropbox isn’t somewhere to display your images, it literally is like placing them in an online filing cabinet, which is perhaps why it tends to be used more for documents.


One of the more well-known sites for displaying as well as storing photos online. Currently you can display up to 1,000 images or videos for free and after that you’ll need to pay for FlickrPro. The plus side is that your albums are displayed as part of a stream and you are able, if you choose to, to treat the site as an extension of social media and comment on others’ photos as well as let them comment on yours.


This site is definitely aimed towards the professional or semi-professional photographer. Like Flickr you can display your images for comment and very often this site is used to showcase latest works. As with Dropbox and Flickr, there are free and paid for options, with the free account featuring some advertising on the site.


You could even print some of your best snaps out and turn them into posters. With a choice of free and paid for editing tools online, you can turn your family snap into a work of art and ask your nearest art store to frame my pictures for display-ready art. Get those bare walls covered and have some unique pieces adorning your fireplace and bedroom.

You might have an eye for a great photo or just be handy with some editing equipment but whatever the case, it’s certainly time to revisit some of those holiday albums and see what you can turn into works of art.

With the rest, choose a storage plan that works for you. Choose between straightforward online storage, semi-social media or a site where you can showcase your best work. It’s time to free up that phone and get your photos back in action or safely tucked away, ready to refill that camera roll with even more memories.


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