Pergola Decorating on a Budget: 7 Thrifty and Stylish Ideas

pergola garden patio

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If you have a pergola in your backyard, you will likely want to spend some quality time there. There are all kinds of events you can host in your pergola, like a cookout, a family game night, a movie night, etc. As long as the weather cooperates, there is no reason why you can’t spend many happy days and nights back there.

A site like The Luxury Pergola is a great place to scout out some pergola styles if you are thinking about buying a new one this year. Once you have your pergola set up, you can consider some stylish and thrifty ways to decorate it. Here are a few creative ideas to consider.

pergola garden patio

Get Tea Lights

You can buy some tea lights at a craft store, dollar store, or Goodwill location. Tea lights don’t cost very much, and they are usually battery-operated. You can get some different colors to set the right mood.

Get Holiday Lights and String Them Up

You can also buy some holiday lights and string them up all around your pergola. As long as you have a source of electricity, you can add a festive element to the pergola’s exterior or interior this way. Think about red and green lights for Christmas or ones that correspond to another holiday you enjoy.

Purchase Tiki Decorations

If you go to any local dollar store, you should be able to get yourself some tiki or island-inspired decorations. You can usually get them for just a couple of dollars, and then you can have yourself a luau.

Buy Pumpkins and Gourds

If you want to have some friends or family members over in the autumn, buying some pumpkins or colorful gourds might be in order. They do not cost very much, and you can locate them at grocery stores, farmer’s markets, or other establishments.

You can also spend some time carving the pumpkins as Halloween approaches. That is a fun activity if you have some kids or you’re inviting a family over for the holidays with young children in need of something stimulating to do.

Get Some Fresh Wildflowers

You can get some fresh wildflowers and decorate your pergola with them. If you know of any meadows where wildflowers grow, this is a way to decorate that should cost you nothing at all. If you do not know where any wildflowers grow naturally, you can usually buy relatively cheap ones at a street fair or farmer’s market.

Get Some Sports Accessories

You might set up a TV in your pergola where you can watch your sport and team of choice. Getting some sports paraphernalia like banners or posters is a smart idea if you go this route.

Have Your Family Contribute Some Art Projects

If you have some budding artists in your family, you may also ask them to create some pieces of art that you can hang in your pergola. You should smile every time you see the artwork that your loved ones made just for you.

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