Pergolas: How Waterproof Are They Really?

pergola garden patio

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The question of whether pergolas are truly waterproof is not actually that straightforward to answer.

A typical pergola is primarily designed to provide a useful shaded area in your garden as well as adding some noticeable aesthetic appeal at the same time. The most obvious reason why a standard pergola installation doesn’t give you total protection from rain is the simple fact that they don’t have a conventional roof.

pergola garden patio

However, if you choose from an impressive range of fantastic aluminum pergolas you do get excellent protection from the rain, thanks to the option of a slotted or louvered roof structure to help keep you dry.

If you want a pergola that is waterproof, you can get one. Here is what you need to know about choosing the right pergola for your needs, especially if you want one that protects you from the elements, especially rain.

If you want water resistance, it has to be an aluminum pergola

The great thing about an aluminum pergola is that it offers so many options compared to other material and design options.

The way that an aluminum pergola is constructed means that it has the structural strength to be able to accommodate a retractable louvered roof. When this roof is in the closed position the lovers are able to deliver an excellent level of protection from rain.

That feature gives aluminum pergolas a distinct advantage. You can continue to enjoy being outside even when it is raining. A pergola with a canopy simply can’t offer the same level of protection.

Wooden pergolas can be treated for water resistance, of course, but this protection will lessen every time it is exposed to rain. An aluminum pergola is a superior option on that score, as it will maintain its structure and appearance, even when regularly exposed to rain.

What are the best roof options for waterproofing?

You do have waterproofing options for all types of pergolas, even though the aluminum and louvered combination stands out.

If you are set on having a different type of pergola, such as one made from wood, there are options that can help you keep the rain out. Polycarbonate roofing is lightweight and holds up well against the elements. However, it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option.

You could install a solid roof using metal or shingles, but that doesn’t give you the same flexibility as a retractable roof. The other potential alternative is a fiberglass roof, which is cost-effective and low maintenance.

All things considered, a louvered roof is the best option. That’s because it allows you to control the amount of sun you let in and is also able to keep out the rain too. A retractable louvered roof will cost more to install than a polycarbonate roof, for instance, but what price do you put on protection and flexibility?

Being able to adjust the roof according to weather conditions helps you get the most comfort and enjoyment out of your pergola.

The bottom line is that you can make your pergola waterproof. You just have to choose the right roofing options.

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