Plan The Perfect Birthday Weekend In London With These Fun Ideas (Gift An Experience, Not Stuff!)

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Celebrating your birthday is the perfect time to create a weekend full of everything you love and is a great way to get all your close friends and family in one place. Going to London for a birthday weekend would be great fun for everyone as there are so many fun activities to choose from. It is important to find activities that will keep everyone entertained when planning your weekend, so here is our list of fun things you can do in London over a weekend to celebrate your birthday.

Plus, it’s much better for the environment too, to gift an experience, not more stuff that no one needs.


Cocktail Making Class

Attending a cocktail making class is a great way to learn some new skills while also getting a little tipsy at the same time. Most cocktail making classes are a few hours long, so you can spend a while perfecting the ultimate cocktail. This can be a great activity to do with your group of friends as often the classes give you the opportunity to create your own cocktail. If you all learn how to create your own cocktail, it will mean you always have a signature drink to remember the weekend by. You can then make this cocktail at future dinner parties and be reminded of a fun time with your friends.

Escape Room

An escape room could be a great activity to do with your friends on your birthday weekend. Escape rooms give you the chance to use your thinking skills to solve clues and complete challenges. If your group of friends are all quite strategic thinkers and want activities that are less based on drinking, then doing an escape room could be perfect for you. Tomb Raider: The Live Experience is a Lara Croft themed escape room in London that offers people an immersive Lara Croft experience. The whole thing lasts two hours and it is recommended to wear comfy, movable clothes as there is some physical activity involved.

Spa Day

As spa day can be the perfect activity to do after a heavy night of drinking as it gives you the chance to detox your body from the alcohol. Getting massages and taking trips to the sauna can be a great way to relax and unwind after a busy weekend. Spa’s often will offer an afternoon tea as well so you can relax with your friends while eating some nice sandwiches and cakes. If you know you have one night of particularly heavy drinking, why not plan a spa day for the following day so you can all chill out before you have to travel home.

Burlesque Show

Going to a burlesque show is a unique experience that could be the perfect activity for your birthday weekend. If your group of friends are adventurous and enjoy live entertainment, then going to see a burlesque show could be the perfect activity. Burlesque shows give you the chance to get dressed up and go and watch some fantastic performers. To find some great burlesque shows in London, check out this article.

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