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Planning a garden party this summer

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
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As the warmer months set in, the days get longer, and the season of grilling is upon us. Before the laughter can echo, the glasses clink, and the fairly lights cast a warm glow, some preparation is in order to create the ultimate relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Is your grass in order?

There is nothing worse at a garden party than having muddy patched in the grass that will prove to be hazardous to your guests, especially if your preference for BBQs is one filled with activities. Having your back yard laid with fake grass will help you solve the headache of keeping your lawn looking juicy and healthy. Not only it is a long-term solution (good for your valet) it will also ensure your garden is looking pristine all year round even after a particularly intense football game or your pets play fighting.

fence lawn

Do you have the right spot for people to mingle at?

When you’re considering throwing a garden party, consider what’s going to be the spot where people are mingling at. Do you prefer your friends to gather around a table or maybe on a composite decking terrace or perhaps you have a gazebo or some type of other seating/open area?  A creative way to create such space is to create a picnic set up with cushions and blankets this way your guest can both dine there and also chat with others.

What kind of mood are you after?

Deciding on the mood of the space before any event is key. Your friends might be only coming around to sample your grilled goodies and so setting up a casual, laid back mood is very important to make your guests feel comfortable. This will translate best with the accessories you use and the music you chose to play in the background. If you’re after a relaxing experience for your guests, chose a playlist that will compliment that. Most importantly, when it comes to music, set the volume just right. If your friends prefer more mingling and chatting, then having the music too loud will quickly become annoying. In contrast, if your friends prefer a more upbeat, dance-friendly vibe then crank up the volume! Be mindful of your neighbours’ thought.

summer party

Contingency plans?

Unfortunately, things sometimes don’t run as smoothly as we’d like to. If you’re hosting a bigger event in your garden, you have to put in place some ideas for unexpected distribute events such as rain. Is there shelter available for your guest, or do you need to consider other solutions? Maybe this is a great reason to jazz up your back garden with a gazebo or a large tent?

Whatever the type of garden BBQ you’re planning, keep these few tips in mind. However, above all, remember to relax and have some fun!

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