Planning a Trip to Atlanta? Don’t Miss Out on These Places

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The city of Atlanta is one of the most popular cities down south. It’s been the centre of everything. Military conflicts and cultural movements. Not only that! This city even hosted the Olympic games. Besides all this, this city is undoubtedly one of the favourite tourist destinations.

Atlanta has a bit of everything, whether you are looking for those high-end resorts or country restaurants. So, if you are all set to visit one of Georgia’s ripest peaches, here are some of the places that you can see in this city to create some unforgettable memories.

But before that, make sure you find a good place to stay and eat when visiting here.

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Places to Stay/ Eat

Well, you can find cheap hotels or big mansions to stay in this part of the city depending on the budget you have. Ideally, you can take the help of online booking platforms to find an ideal place to stay. Also, there are more than 70 bars and restaurants to choose from when it comes to Atlanta. But since you are here, make sure to try eating at the famous vegan restaurant and relish some of the most amazing vegan foods you have never tried before.

Now let’s get going to see the places to visit in Atlanta.

Centennial Olympic Park

Built in 1996 for the Olympic games, this place is now a sprawling space where you will find shops, restaurants, malls, museums, and parks. In short, you will find everything to have a fun-filled vacation.

But it’s the Fountain of Rings that usually entices the visitors. That attractive water and the computer-controlled jets are worth your attention. Plus, you will also find sculptures and light towers that will again be a fantastic sightseeing delight.

If you are visiting there in summer, you can see the fireworks and the festivals. But in winters, you can be mesmerised by all the holiday lights and shows. Don’t forget to be a part of outdoor concerts if you are here.

But once you are over with this, you can move ahead to seeing another attraction nearby, and that is:

Georgia Aquarium

If you are visiting with your family and kids, this is the right place to visit. You can see Beluga Whales, dolphins, and a lot of other sea animals. You’ll especially like the moving walkway with the tank containing animals on either side and above you.

Not only the marine life, but its sheer size will almost take your breath away. Who knows those exotic species might trigger some interest in your kids?

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Atlanta Glass Tree House

This is an architectural marvel. And as the name suggests, it’s made out of glass. You will only find the steel beams or panes to hold it together. But did you know you can’t see it from the streets? Yes! The sun-dappled leaves completely hide this house. So, it has some amount of concealment, despite it being transparent.

You can even rent it overnight and enjoy the area by walking up. C’mon, anyone can go to a hotel. But how many stayed at an actual treehouse? This will be a fantastic experience altogether.

The Basement

If you thought this place is only known for its architectural beauty or its marine life, you are highly mistaken. This city has plenty of nightclubs as well. But if you are looking for something different, the Basement is the place you must watch out for.

You will get a chance to live in Atlanta’s nightlife that offers fun and fresh experiences. Its decor is plain, but the music is exceptional and eclectic. Some even have live bands. It might feel a bit spooky, but you will have a fantastic time here.

Stone Mountain Park

You’ll find this location a few miles north of Atlanta. Here you’ll find some of the breathtaking views. The lakes, mountains, canyons, and other sightseeing places will keep you hooked right from the start.

You can go hiking, climb a summit, or go camping or water boating. You’ll also find movie theatres, golf courses, and biking paths here. And guess what, you can also ride in a cable car and enjoy the mountains without getting sweaty.

It doesn’t end here! You will also find laser shows here. It’s like the best amalgamation of old rock with the new technology.

Savannah Historic District

It is about a square mile preserve that looks exactly what it was during the Civil war. You will find some magnificent mansions and streets lined by trees that will make you completely fall in love with this place. This is known for its art, culture, museum, and big mansions.

The whole place contains some fantastic parks and squares, and the fountain being a landmark feature will make you go “aww.”

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Center For Puppetry Arts

If you think you know everything about puppets, well, think again! This place is a hands-on museum where you find a collection of puppets from across the world. You will find different types of puppets here. For instance, you can find puppets from Sesame Street, the Muppet Show, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, etc.

Not only this, they offer workshops, events, and even live shows for people of all ages. If you have kids along with you, you can try watching Stories of colours or involve your kids in puppet building to have a wonderful time.

Porsche Experience Center

If you always wanted to get behind the wheel of a 911 turbo, this is your chance. This facility will give you a look at all the luxury cars. The best part is that you can test your driving as well. While doing that, you can also visit the museum that talks all about the famous Porsches of all times.

You can book a 30/90 minute ride on a mile-long track. Now you can fly across at a speed of more than 100 miles/hour. Isn’t that great?

Wrapping up

Atlanta is a place with many contrasts. And that’s what makes it quite enticing. The mountain landscapes, architectural beauty, and various areas make it one of the best packages for tourists across the world.

Plus, the fantastic restaurants and delicious food will make you “awestruck” from the moment you step into this city. So, before everyone starts booking their tickets to this fantastic place, make sure you plan your trip ahead and give yourself some amazing time when visiting this place.

So, tell us, what place will be on your wish list amongst the ones mentioned above? And remember, don’t forget to keep the covid guidelines in mind and make sure to share your experiences.

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