Planning Your Honeymoon Cruise: The Best Tips For Couples

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Your honeymoon is such a special holiday. Unlike any other, this is your first holiday to spend together as a married couple. Still beaming from your big day and relaxing after months or perhaps years of wedding planning, making sure your honeymoon is extra special means picking out the perfect itinerary. 

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Why opt for a honeymoon cruise? 

While many couples will opt for an island getaway, making the long journey to faraway sands such as Hawaii or the Maldives, over the years others have highlighted the many benefits of a honeymoon cruise

Choosing to spend your honeymoon onboard a cruise may not be your first choice but when you understand just how special this experience can be, you may change your mind… 

From premium staterooms to dream destinations and the extra care and attention of onboard staff, honeymooners can enjoy the luxuries of onboard facilities as well as the once-in-a-lifetime experiences of seeing bucket-list destinations in one trip. 

  • Cruises direct from the UK – Removing the need to take long-haul flights and spend extra amounts of money on travelling directly after your wedding 
  • Honeymoon packages – Offered exclusively to honeymoon couples with extra special add-ons and deals
  • Multiple destinations in one trip – Rather than spending two weeks on the same beach, see multiple ports and cities across the world in one trip together
  • Luxurious onboard facilities – Modern cruise ships designed to deliver an unforgettable experience from start to finish with luxury facilities and world-class amenities

Tips for planning a honeymoon cruise 

From choosing the right cruise line to your itinerary and the duration of your honeymoon cruise, to ensure this is the perfect getaway for you both, these tips will help you plan your honeymoon cruise. 

Research different cruise lines:

Consider factors like the size of the ship, the level of formality, the types of activities and amenities offered. Some cruise lines offer adult-only ships or adult-only areas which may be preferred since this is your honeymoon, and should be a relaxing experience free of disruption or noise from children. 

Some cruise lines offering honeymoon packages and honeymoon destinations include:

  • P&O Cruises 
  • Celebrity Cruises 
  • Oceania Cruises 

Think about your budget:

Cruise lines vary widely in price, so it’s important to determine how much you’re comfortable spending before you start shopping around. This will obviously be important to you since the wedding itself will have cost you. However, be sure to check package deals and sales for exclusive offers. 

Consider your interests:

Do you want a cruise line that caters to couples, or one that offers more activities for all ages? Do you want a luxurious experience, or a more casual atmosphere? This will help you in determining which ship and which cruise line is best for you. 

Plus, if you’re an adventure-seeking couple, particular destinations will be better suited for you. While beach lovers may prefer more typical honeymoon destinations like the Caribbean. 

Choose a destination that interests you both: There are cruises to almost every part of the world, so you’re sure to find one that appeals to you. From Europe to Australia, a cruise can take you around the world. For those who want to see it all, you can even book a world cruise which can last for months but will allow you to see so many countries around the globe. 

 Some of the best destinations for honeymoons include:

  • The Caribbean 
  • French Polynesia 
  • Hawaii 
  • Fiji 
  • Thailand 
  • Bali 
  • Greece 

Consider the time of year:

This will affect the weather, the crowds, and the price of the cruise. Summer cruises will often be more crowded and usually more expensive than winter cruises. However, faraway destinations will have different climates, so it is important to check on the weather for the time of year you are planning to travel. 

Decide how long you want to be gone:

Honeymoon cruises typically range from 7 to 14 days, but you can find shorter or longer cruises if you prefer. And world cruises, as mentioned above, will last much longer.

With these tips, along with some online research of the best honeymoon destinations and cruise packages, you’ll have the information you need to book the best honeymoon cruise for you and your new spouse. 

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