Plastic-free Christmas Plate Treat Ideas for Santa

santas christmas plate

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Christmas is coming – pretty much around the corner, presents are getting sorted, the Christmas tree and all the decoration went up, already, currently queuing online to get that perfect supermarket delivery slot booked. Christmas work dos, panto tickets, Christmas Eve boxes for the kids – the list never ends. It can be very hectic and stressful – but it can be also enjoyable if you don’t get hooked up on the small things and just go with the flow. So when the Christmas Eve arrives, you can just sit down and relax – until 4 am anyway, when the kids wake up. (Place that coffee subscription order now. Then one that’s plastic-free and ethically sourced coffee. You’ve been thinking about it for ages!)

Christmas Eve traditionally is NOT the time for relax, especially if you are a parent. There are loads of new traditions these days: like the stupid Christmas Eve Box – just another thing to think of and sort out. But if you keep it to the minimum – say just one Christmas Eve tradition like preparing the Christmas Eve plate for Santa and his reindeer, things will become a lot less hectic and also a lot less wasteful. So you will have time to sit down and relax after the kids gone to their rooms way past their bedtime. 

Many people has their own ideas, what treats to put out for Santa and stats show that 36% of brits are doing it wrong by leaving a glass of alcohol to keep the bearded man going, however we all know you can’t drink and drive (or fly). To keep the Christmas plate treat waste and plastic free, I have got some ideas to help.

Chocolate Gingerbread Men Recipe

Mince pie

I know, obviously! But, it’s plastic free and waste free – so keep this tradition going. It’s the most popular choice of treat traditionally.

(Plant based) milk

Or plant based milk. Treat yourself to a milk delivery service that delivers in glass bottles! They also offer oat milk in glass bottle. Or juice – but that doesn’t go well with the mince pie. Leaving milk out for Santa is originated as an American tradition during the Great Depression and it meant to show gratitude and caring and sharing with others that are less fortunate.


Also plastic-free – as most supermarkets are now offering them loose. But if you get a veg box subscription with organic veg – that is also a treat for you. They taste so much better. Surely, Rudolph deserves a treat for his hard work too!


Yep! This is a Swedish tradition. Well, actually it’s a rice porridge with some almonds. This is still a very popular thing to do over there.

santas christmas plate


Keep it healthy. Rudolph might like the apples too. Another item which you can buy loose, so it’s plastic-free.

Home baked sweets

Not everyone likes mince pies (I’m not a fan, I have to admit) but I like other Christmas bakes like traditional, German Lebkuchen, which I make every year. That’s what Santa gets in our house. But maybe some no bake Vegan Puffed Quinoa and Peanut Butter Energy Bites are actually more useful to get him through the night. Cookies of course are also a traditional choice.

Coffee or tea

And why not? He surely need some pick me up after all the food he needs to eat at every house? Since you have that good subscription and your coffee is tasty, plastic-free and ethically sourced.

Alcohol free wine or spirits

As mentioned, over 36% of Britons treats Santa to an alcoholic drink (this is a very traditional thing in the UK, Australia, In France in Ireland, with Irish people also often putting Guinness out along with the sweet treats) , irresponsibly though, since we’re not allowed to drink and drive anymore. Santa has a big job to do on Christmas Eve, better not get too tipsy.

Handwritten letters

This is a nice idea – a thank you note (no glitter on the cards please!) for Santa and Rudolph. German children used to do this as part of their Christmas Eve tradition. Before going to bed, that’s discipline!


Don’t forget about a drink for the poor reindeer! 


What is it you put on the Christmas plate for Santa?

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